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Shenzhen announces state-of-the-art Science and Technology Museum

Tim Gibson

08 December 2020


THE CHINESE city of Shenzhen is set to gain another world class educational institution with a new Science and Technology Museum.

Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA), the announcement of the new museum closely follows the unveiling of plans for the city’s Natural History Museum, a breathtaking USD $320M building from 3XN, B+H and Zhubo Design.

The museums are just two of ten new cultural facilities to be built throughout the city.

Occupying a total area of 125,000 square metres, the Science and Technology development will act as a focal point for various universities, schools and innovation centres across China.

Above and Below: The museum's unique U-shape faces outwards from the city, allowing better integration with the parkland on the western side and the city's transportation networks on the eastern side (images courtesy of ZHA).

Housing interconnecting public spaces, galleries and educational facilities, the building’s unique U-shaped plan allows for maximum adaptability, meaning that some galleries will be able to dramatically change their shape depending on the exhibition.

ZHA explains in a press release that the design is in response to the distinct conditions of the site, “the eastern side of the building is defined by its solidity and dynamic curvilinear geometries that express the many urban circulation routes to the east of the site.”

The western side extends outwards via terraces and a courtyard atrium to face the natural landscapes of Guangming Park.

Above and Below: The building forms around a central hollow atrium, which extends several storeys upward ( images courtesy of ZHA).

Sustainability has been a key factor in the design as well, with computer modelling and wind tunnel testing ensuring the building’s natural lighting, wind levels, and air quality are all maximised so as to reduce energy consumption.

High-efficiency glazing as well as high thermal insulation will protect the building during Shenzhen’s mild winters and hot subtropical summers.

The building is on track to be awarded the highest possible Three-Star rating from China’s Green Building Evaluation Standard.

Above and Below: Gallery spaces within the museum are highly malleable, allowing each exhibition to have its own bespoke area (images courtesy of ZHA).

The Science and Technology Museum is just one of many new projects recently announced by ZHA.

This year the veterian studio has revealed plans for a new 60,000-seat stadium in the Chinese city of Xi’an, three interlocked towers that will form Shanghai’s greenest building, and futuristic modular homes on the Carribean island of Roatán Próspera.

The studio has been under the leadership of Patrik Schumacher since Zaha Hadid’s passing in 2016.

Construction for the Shenzhen Science and Technology Museum is already underway, with an estimated late 2023 completion date.

Header image courtesy of ZHA.


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