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We love construction and we want the whole world to love it too.

Our mission is to fundamentally change the perception of construction on planet Earth. We want to make the industry easier to understand, admire and navigate for everyone - including those working in it.



We love construction and the associated architecture and engineering sectors. Our passion for them guides every decision we make, every story we tell. We occasionally highlight these sectors’ shortcomings and failures to promote learning and improvement.


We work tirelessly to increase awareness and understanding of this remarkable industry. We do that in a way that is always clear and accessible to all, without exclusion or presumption of expertise.


We share the truth, free from fear or favour. In our workplace and in public we treat everyone with respect and fairness, regardless of their position, rank or status.


Our audience’s trust is critical. We renew that trust every day through all of our actions and judgements - in our content, in our workplace and in public.


We want to continually improve, setting the standard in everything we do. In every context we strive to deliver the best.

Everything we do at The B1M Limited - from the content we produce on our two networks (The B1M and Tomorrow’s Build), to the people we hire to join our team, the culture we nurture, our processes and the actions we take - is shaped by and built upon these values.