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This policy applies to comments made by subscribers and visitors across The B1M system, including but not limited to: on our website at; on our YouTube channel(s); on any social medium platform; and/or any other medium.

Revision 3 - Updated 10 May 2021


We welcome constructive and insightful comments as well as critical ones, provided that they are expressed intelligently and in polite terms.

We do not tolerate swearing, abuse, rudeness, racism, fascism, hate speech, bullying, lying, commercial messaging or the impersonation of others in any form. We will delete and report all comments of such nature and reserve the right to remove and/or block severe or multiple offenders from our audience entirely.

The deletion or retention of comments is at The B1M’s absolute discretion.

Libellous and defamatory comments are illegal and may lead to legal action against the person(s) commenting. Under the Defamation Act 2013, we reserve the right to pass details on to a claimant.