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Zaha Hadid's One Thousand Museum Completes

ONE Thousand Museum, a 62-storey luxury residential skyscraper whose initial design was overseen by Zaha Hadid herself, has completed in Miami.

The 709 feet tall (216 metre) tower contains just 82 residential units and offers a two-storey aquatic centre, sky lounge, private cinema and the city’s first private helicopter pad.

Above: Zaha Hadid's exoskeleton skyscraper, One Thousand Museum, has just received Temporary Certificate of Occupancy from the City of Miami (image courtesy of Wikimedia).

Acting as a key part of the skyscraper's structure, the exoskeleton takes both gravitational and lateral loads, increasing the building's overall rigidity.

The exoskeleton was constructed on site, using 4,800 prefabricated Glass-Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) components which were used as permanent formwork and remain cast within the building's structure.

Above: The exoskeleton carries gravitational as well as lateral loads, leaving more of the interior free (image courtesy of Zaha Hadid Architects).

This meant that less material was used to build the building's core.

As fewer supporting columns and no additional bracing elements were required, architects could design residences with full panoramic views of the city.

Above: The building's exoskeleton allows for uninterrupted views of the city (image courtesy of Zaha Hadid Architects).

Zaha Hadid Architects has already completed a skyscraper featuring an exoskeleton, namely the Morpheus Hotel in Macau in 2018.

However, the firm begun designing One Thousand Museum a year earlier before taking on the Macau project in 2012.

Watch The B1M's documentary "One Thousand Museum: Building an Exoskeleton Skyscraper" here: 



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