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New Footage Reveals Completed Morpheus Hotel

NEW footage released by Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) reveals the finished Morpheus Hotel, which opened in Macau last year.

The 42-storey hotel is part of a larger resort called the "City of Dreams" which contains a casino, two theatres, a shopping mall, 20 restaurants and three other hotels.

Above: The Morpheus Hotel forms part of a larger resort (image courtesy of ZHA / Ivan Dupont).

The hotel contains 780 rooms and consists of two rectangular towers connected by a series of skybridges that accommodate restaurants and other shared amenities, including a roof-top pool.

Above: The exoskeleton supports the hotel's communal spaces, including the roof-top pool (image courtesy of ZHA / Virgile Simon Bertrand).

Macau's gambling industry and easy access from Hong Kong makes it one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations, with some 32 million visitors annually.

Above: The exoskeleton's 2,500 unique connections were engineered using parametric tools (image courtesy of ZHA / Ivan Dupont).

Billed as the world's first free-form exoskeleton high-rise, the exoskeleton was engineered by Buro Happold using cutting-edge parametric engineering to design the 2,500 unique connections between the prefabricated steel members.

Above: The hotel consists of two separate towers. The exoskeleton provides the structure's stability (image courtesy of ZHA / Ivan Dupont).

The building's exoskeleton means that the building requires fewer internal supports and shear walls, as the facade absorbs lateral forces and also carries some of the building's own weight.

Above: The building's spectacular design has already made it a popular destination (image courtesy of ZHA / Virgile Simon Bertrand).

Earlier this year, the hotel was named as one of the "World's Greatest Places" by TIME Magazine.


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