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This 500-metre supertall will dominate Manhattan’s skyline by 2030

Tim Gibson

12 February 2021


RXR REALTY and TF Cornerstone have announced their intention to demolish the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Midtown Manhattan and replace it with a 500-metre new supertall skyscraper designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM).

The 85-storey mixed-use tower would become the tallest in Midtown, rising above the nearby Chrysler Building and recently finished One Vanderbilt.

RXR Realty described the current Grand Hyatt Hotel - the first major development from Donald Trump in Manhattan - as an opaque, overbearing building that reduces sidewalk space and offers little connectivity to the surrounding landmarks.

The building also creates a number of structural and overcrowding issues within the existing transit network that cannot be fully addressed without a complete demolition.

Above: An elevation of 175 Park Avenue that illustrates its scale compared to One Vanderbilt. Image courtesy of SOM.

175 Park Avenue - otherwise known as Project Commodore - will be a state-of-the-art, sustainable tower, providing extensive improvements to the surrounding transportation infrastructure while also creating new public spaces.

Within the tower will be 195,000 square metres of commercial office space, a Hyatt-operated hotel with 500 rooms, and nearly 1,000 square metres of retail on the ground floors.

The design nods to classic New York skyscrapers with a tapering silhouette and a rounded crown formed by the structural lattice that makes up the tower’s facade.

There will also be an expanded subway entrance at East 42nd Street and a new transit hall containing retail, information screens and booths.

Above: 175 Park Avenue will include better integration with the street level and surrounding transit network. Image courtesy of SOM.

175 Park Avenue is just one of a slate of supertall skyscrapers proposed for Midtown East since the area underwent a dramatic re-zoning in 2017.

The new laws increased the allowable floor area ratios of blocks between East 96th Street and East 42nd Street, as a result investment in the area has surged with developers snapping up real estate and proposing massive commercial projects.

The 67-floor 427-metre high One Vanderbilt is the first high profile skyscraper to complete under these new laws.

Other major proposals include the 365-metre-high Penn 15 from Foster + Partners.

While the New York City construction industry is still recovering from COVID-19, the demand for commercial office space has continued unabated.

If approved 175 Park Avenue is expected to complete by 2030. 

Header image courtesy of SOM.


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