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Sliding Pitch Installed at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

THE sliding pitch at Tottenham Hotspur's new stadium, currently under construction in north London, was successfully installed last month.

Called “New White Hart Lane”, the multi-purpose facility features a retractable natural grass pitch that sits above a synthetic turf pitch by Turf Nation, designed for hosting American Football games.

Above: The sliding pitch being installed at "New White Hart Lane" (image courtesy of Tottenham Hotspur).

With the successful installation of the sliding pitch, the 61,599 seat stadium is one step closer to completion in August this year.

Above: Lights and irrigation equipment will be installed under the South Stand to maintain the grass pitch when retracted (image courtesy of Tottenham Hotspur).

While in "NFL mode" the pitch retracts under the South Stand, which was designed to be larger than the other stands, and is maintained by specialised light and irrigation equipment.

Above: An AstroTurf American football pitch will be housed under the grass retractable football pitch (image courtesy of Tottenham Hotspur).

Other features of the new stadium include a glazed tunnel allowing the club’s members to watch the players as they head out for kick-off and the UK’s longest bar with a dedicated on-site micro-brewery.

Above: The new stadium will complete later in 2018 (image courtesy of Tottenham Hotspur).


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