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Roof Completes on the World's Largest Airport

South China Morning Post | 0:59

Roof Completes on the World's Largest Airport

Peter Smisek

3 January 2019

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THE roof of Beijing Daxing International Airport - the world's largest air terminal, currently under construction in China - was completed just a few days before the end of 2018.

Designed by British-based practice Zaha Hadid Architects, the project broke ground in December 2014.

Another major milestone, completion of the main structure of three new subway stations leading to the airport, was also reached before the end of 2018.

Above: The finished roof of the new Beijing Daxing International Airport (image courtesy of South China Morning Post).

The vast steel canopy forming the terminal's roof was been built over the course of three years and integrates power, heating and air conditioning services.

Above: The canopy incorporates power, heating and air-conditioning and took three years to complete (image courtesy of South China Morning Post).

Comprising of a 700,000 square metre terminal and four runways, Daxing International is expected to open in October 2019 and handle 72 million passengers.

The airport's radial layout was chosen for efficiency while accommodating all of the necessary services under one roof.

Above: The airport's radial layout is to accommodate a record number of passengers (image courtesy of South China Morning Post).

The building has been designed with future expansion in mind, with capacity for a further three runways (which would bring the total to seven) and additional boarding facilities, which would allow it to serve up to 100 million passengers each year.

The vast project was one of five to make our list of the top construction projects set to complete in 2019.  

Above: Footage showing the progress on the subway line connecting Beijing Daxing International Airport with the Chinese capital ( courtesy of CGTN).


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