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The Window that Transforms into a Balcony

HofmanDujardin | 0:41

The Window that Transforms into a Balcony

Peter Smisek

19 February 2018

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THE FIRST building featuring "Bloomframe" - a window that can transform itself into a balcony with a touch of a button - is currently being built in Amsterdam.

The product caters to home owners demanding ever higher levels of flexibility and comfort. It was designed by Amsterdam-based architecture practice Hofman Dujardin and manufactured by Kawneer France.

Above: A computer generated image showing a Bloomframe balcony. Below: The balcony folds out at a touch of a button
(images courtesy of HofmanDujardin).

When closed, Bloomframe offers the same protection against the elements as a standard window. The lower panel is available in a variety of materials from clear or translucent shatterproof glass, to solid panels.

Bloomframe is available for new-builds or can be retrofitted into existing buildings. It unfolds in about 60 seconds and features a manual emergency override system in the event of power failure.

Above: Bloomframe as installed in Amsterdam (image courtesy of HofmanDujardin).

Besides the project currently under construction in Amsterdam, Bloomframe is currently being considered for an upcoming residential scheme in Brisbane, Australia.

Above: A computer generated image of a future project in Brisbane that appears set to use Bloomframe windows (image courtesy of Hayes Anderson Lynch Architects).

While Bloomframe has been in development since 2008, a similar system has been released by Danish roof window manufacturer Velux.

Called "Velux Cabrio", the large inclined window has been engineered for use in lofts and loft conversions.

Above: Velux Cabrio is a folding balcony designed for use in loft conversions (image courtesy of Velux).

Above: A demonstration of Velux Cabrio (video courtesy of Alexis Brisacier).


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