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SMART Inspector App Ensures Safer Scaffolding

THE PROCESS of inspecting and reporting on safe areas of work on construction sites can be prone to human error.   

Developed by London-based Lyndon Scaffolding and CADS, the SMART Inspector app is designed to make scaffolding inspection simpler and more efficient, helping to create a safe working environment.

Above: SMART Inspector is intended to make scaffolding inspections and reporting simpler and more efficient (image courtesy of Lyndon SMART Inspector).

To celebrate the launch of "Future Construction" - a major new content partnership between The B1M and Kier Group that is exploring innovation and digital technology - we invited our audience to submit their favourite innovations.

From all the entries received, the SMART Inspector App was chosen as our winning submission.

Above: An engineer carrying out a scaffolding inspection with the new app (image courtesy of Lyndon SMART Inspector).

"We developed the app to improve the overall quality of the statutory inspections that we undertake for our clients on a weekly basis” says Rob Lynch, CEO of Lyndon Scaffolding. "The app helps to guide the inspector to complete more thorough inspections and better record and report faults."

The app, released in March 2017, runs on both Android and Apple devices, and uploads a record of each inspection to the cloud.

It works both online and offline, and is designed to incorporate photographs and signatures.

Above: Inspections can be carried out using smartphones and tablets with both Android and Apple OS (image courtesy of Lyndon SMART Inspector).

This creates a consolidated, easily accessible repository for the reports, which can be shared and viewed digitally by all relevant stakeholders.

Importantly, while Lyndon has a bespoke version of the app that it uses with its clients, a general release version is also available.

SMART Inspector is part of a complete suite dedicated to planning, inspecting and decommissioning scaffolding.

Above: An example of an inspection report filed using the app (image courtesy of Lyndon SMART Inspector).

"The feedback has been very positive from both users and the end clients who can see a real difference in the quality of reports," says Lynch, adding that Lyndon and CADS are continuing their close collaboration, updating the product and adding new features.

"Future Construction" is exploring how Kier Group is embracing innovation and digital technologies at a transformative time for the sector, through a series of short documentaries.

The content, produced in partnership by The B1M and Kier, is freely distributed on YouTube and a dedicated microsite.

Above: Future Construction is a major new content partnership between The B1M and Kier Group. 

The first documentary looks at how Kier embraced offsite manufacturing techniques and digital tools to deliver the impressive R7; a mixed use commercial building that forms part of London’s 67-acre King’s Cross regeneration.



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