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New Skyscraper Under Construction in Paris' Business District

WHILE Paris itself has precious few modern skyscrapers, La Défense - its dedicated office district to the north-west of the city proper - is booming.

Tour Alto (Alto Tower) designed by French office IF Architectes, is La Défense's latest skyscraper and is scheduled for completion in the first half of 2020.

Above: A render of the Tour Alto, currently under construction (image courtesy of IF Architectes).

Standing 160 metres tall from ground level, and 150 metres above the raised platform which serves the entire office district, the tower will have 38 storeys and provide 51,200 square metres of office space.  

Above: Part of the building was designed to cantilever over an existing alleyway (image courtesy of Ronakinho).

Construction began in 2016 and included demolition of an existing building and construction of an underground parking garage. Because the tower is located on a small plot, a part of it has been built to cantilever above an existing alleyway.

While the development of Alto tower is significant, there are a number of much more impressive structures currently in the works.

Tour Hekla - a 214 metre tall office tower is currently under construction and set to complete by 2022 - will become France's second tallest building.

Above: Tour Hekla, currently under construction, will become France's second tallest tower when complete (image courtesy of Ateliers Jean Nouvel).

Another impressive project, consisting of mixed-use twin towers called Hermitage Plaza, is expected to break ground nearby later this year.

Above: The twin towers of Hermitage Plaza are set to become the tallest buildings in the EU when complete in 2024 (image courtesy of Foster + Partners).

Designed by British practice Foster + Partners and engineered by Leslie E. Robertson Associates, these 320 metre tall skyscrapers are set to become the European Union's tallest buildings and the first super-tall skyscrapers in France when finished in 2024.


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