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NASA's Mars Dwelling to be Built on Earth

MARSHA, the winner of NASA's 3D Printed Challenge, has been adapted into an off-grid, Earth-based habitat called TERA by its designers AI Spacefactory.

Developed using the same 3D printing technologies, TERA is designed to be wholly degradable and recyclable.

Above: The original design for a Mars dwellling from AI Spacefactory (image courtesy of AI Spacefactory).

Unlike MARSHA, TERA features more windows allowing for views and has been printed using different materials.

Where MARSHA would be manufactured using primarily Martian soil, TERA will be made using a biopolymer derived from corn and sugar.

Above: TERA is printed using biodegradable biopolymers (image courtesy of AI Spacefactory).

This material has been found to be two times stronger than conventional concrete, but will also be recyclable and biodegradable, making TERA a more sustainable project.

The two-storey building will feature a structurally-independent wooden interior covered by the 3D printed shell.

Above: The project will be constructed in the woods of upstate New York (image courtesy of AI Spacefactory).

Under construction in upstate New York, the off-grid dwelling will be rented out as accommodation for those wishing to experience a more sustainable way of living.

Feedback from the inhabitants will be used to improve future designs of both the Earth and Mars dwellings.

Learn more about the construction industry's space-race in our documentary (above).


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