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These hybrid-timber “Dutch Mountains” have been announced for Eindhoven

Tim Gibson

02 March 2021

STUDIO Marco Vermeulen has unveiled its design for a pair of hybrid-timber towers in the city of Eindhoven.

The “Dutch Mountains” will be part-built from cross-laminated timber harvested from sustainably managed forests and will rise to a height of 130 and 100 metres respectively.

While the base and some elements of the towers will be made from concrete, the entire connecting structure will be made from timber.

The connecting structure is designed to weave together the facades of the two towers and create valley-style roof, creating a central lounge that spans several levels.

Above: The towers are joined by a central atrium. Image courtesy of Studio Marco Vermeulen.

The studio has said this distinctive shape is to create a beacon for the city; to make the towers recognisable from a great distance.

The mixed-use building will contain offices, homes and a hotel, while the lower connected floors will have public spaces such as shops, art galleries, sports facilities, restaurants and a winter garden.

Most of the building will be prefabricated and then assembled on site.

The main entrance is oriented towards the local park, which will connect with the publicly accessible central atrium.

There will also be a wide staircase adorned with plants and greenery which will lead visitors to the first-floor restaurants, the studio has dubbed this the “mountain path”.

Above: The publicly accessible atrium will contain wide walking paths. Image courtesy of Studio Marco Vermeulen .

An irrigation system will collect rainwater from the roof and will redistribute it towards the central atrium, with any excess water going to the Dommel river.

The top of the building will have a rooftop bar with 360 degree views of the city, while solar panels will be fitted to the southern and western fronts.

This is the first project announced for the Eindhoven railway zone in the Dommel’s river valley which will ultimately link the city centre to Eindhoven University of Technology.

Hybrid-timber developments are becoming an increasingly popular sustainable alternative in the Netherlands, with the announcement of “Dutch Mountains” coming right after Valckensteyn, the country’s largest hybrid-timber affordable housing complex.


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