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PRESS RELEASE | 31 July 2023

The Best of Construction: The B1M and Nemetschek launch Construction Story of the Year 2023

“Construction Story of the Year” is back for 2023. Developed by The B1M and Nemetschek, this global award will highlight the world’s most inspiring and impressive construction stories.

From hospitals that can be built and put to use in just five days, to an innovative new machine in Nairobi that makes bricks from recycled plastic, and an international consortium constructing a massive nuclear fusion reactor – this award has lifted-up some incredible entries from all over the world.

Now we’re looking for more amazing projects, ideas or initiatives that show the very best of the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) sectors.

If you’re working on one of those, or know of a project that fits the bill, we want to hear from you.

Entries are now open and will close on 25 August.

Submissions will be judged by a world-class panel that includes superstar engineer and TV presenter Yewande Akinola MBE, The Bartlett’s Professor Jacqui Glass, KONE’s Hanna Rutanen, Nemetschek’s Matt Wheelis and The B1M’s very own Fred Mills.

The top three entries will be shortlisted and promoted through bespoke short videos shared across The B1M’s network of social platforms.

Viewers’ reactions and feedback along with a final judges deliberation will determine this year’s winner. The announcement will be made on 16 November.

Above and Below: Construction Story of the Year 2023 will highlight some of the most impressive projects across the AEC sectors.

Through the powerful reach of The B1M – the world’s largest and most subscribed-to video channel for the sector – and Nemetschek – a leading provider of software solutions for the entire AEC lifecycle – Construction Story of the Year aims to celebrate the accomplishments of this incredible industry and inspire the next generation of professionals who will quite literally shape our world. 

"We need more people to see the vision of what the construction industry is capable of – how careers in design and construction can impact our daily lives and those in our future," Matt Wheelis, SVP of Strategy, Build & Construct Division at Nemetschek Group, said. “It is a great responsibility and a privilege to help shape and inspire that.”

Above: The B1M and Nemetschek present ITER with 2022’s Construction Story of the Year award at Nemetschek House in Munich, Germany. Below: Part of ITER’s vast construction site in France.

With more than 24 million viewers each month, The B1M has long-championed the construction sector behind the mission ‘we love construction and we want the whole world to love it too.’

“Traditionally, construction hasn’t been very good at shouting about itself,” Fred Mills, Founder and MD of The B1M, explained.

“Most people don’t realise the amazing work that this industry does or take it for granted. We want to change that by putting the most impressive AEC story from the past year right in front of them, in a compelling and accessible format, on the digital platforms they use every day.”

You can learn more about Construction Story of the Year 2023 and submit your entry here.


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