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Interactive Event - Construction's Critical Future: You Decide

Fred Mills

16 September 2021

WE’VE all been to some pretty dry online events since the pandemic began. Not creating another one of those was pretty much the starting point for our chat with Bluebeam when the idea to co-host a special event at XCON Anywhere first came up.

The result is “Construction’s Critical Future: You Decide” – a very cool session where leading industry experts from around the world will pitch the area they think holds the key to construction’s success in the 2020s.

The audience will then vote on the topic they think is most critical to construction’s future and that’ll form the starting point for the unscripted and unrehearsed debate that follows.

It’s completely shaped by the audience, anything could happen, and I have the task of co-hosting and trying to keep the whole thing on track.

Alongside me as co-host will be Bluebeam’s Senior Technical Account Manager Amanda Wieting. We’ve been rehearsing the opening because it’s the only scripted part of the show and our hope is that’ll buy us some leeway with the audience for the second half.

Above: The event will be co-hosted by Bluebeam's Amanda Wieting  (left) and The B1M's Fred Mills (right).

Joining us will be some of construction’s foremost leaders and experts, each advocating an incredibly important area for our sector’s development.

Cast Consultancy’s Mark Farmer will champion offsite manufacturing, Eurban’s Dayo Shittu-Balogun will speak to mass timber construction, Ruggiero Guida from IES will highlight the power of digital twin technology and the Walsh Group’s Dan Smolilio will stand-up for digital collaboration.

The challenges facing the construction industry over the next decade are quite frankly immense. We’re confronted with a climate emergency, a skills crisis and increasing demand for better, higher quality buildings - especially homes. All of the areas we’ll talk about matter, but which is most critical? None of them can happen in isolation so how will they work together? We’ll be debating all of that and more in this session.

Above: Our industry experts will be (clockwise from top left) - Mark Farmer, Dayo Shittu-Balogan, Dan Smolilio and Ruggiero Guida. Below: The construction sector faces a number of challenges over the next decade.

The special event is taking place on 28 September at 12:30pm in California, which is 8:30pm in the UK. If you buy a ticket and register for Bluebeam’s XCON Anywhere then you’ll be able to gain access. 

This is the first year that Bluebeam’s flagship XCON event is being run 100% virtually.

At this point I could add a line from the press release calling this “a fantastic opportunity to join industry leaders in an engaging and exciting debate on critical topics for the sector”.

Truth is, it’ll be a fun, tough and revealing chat about some of the big things happening in our industry right now and what they mean for us all.

Throw in the live vote, some massive industry names and Amanda and I trying to keep things together – and you have the makings of a great time. Join us for high entertainment and educational value all round.


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