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These Homes Can Be Built in 10 Weeks

IN the face of a housing crisis, UK developers are increasingly turning to modular and prefabricated solutions in pursuit of speed, quality and affordability benefits. 

Global architecture and engineering firm Atkins and steel frame housing specialist Parabuild Solutions, have now created “MetroHome” - a seemingly quick and affordable housing solution, that can be deployed on small sites otherwise deemed too difficult to develop.

Above and Below: MetroHome was developed as a "desireable" solution that can be deployed onto small sites (image courtesy of Atkins).

From traditional site-specific foundations, units are assembled using structural steel frames and a series of pre-fabricated components.

The constituent parts of each home can be fitted into a single, standard size container for delivery.

Above and Below: The houses consist of prefabricated steel frames erected on traditional foundations (images courtesy of Atkins).

As the main components of these homes are fabricated off-site, assembly on location can take just 10 to 15 weeks.

The development team claim that such speed and efficiency can reduce the cost of the homes by up to 30%, as compared to those built with conventional methods. 

Above: The homes are said to cost about 30% less to build than traditional houses (image courtesy of Atkins).

Four “MetroHome” units have already approved for construction in the London Borough of Lambeth.

Each of the two-bedroom houses is set to complete in the summer of 2018.


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