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“The Spine” Tops Out in Liverpool

THE SPINE is taking shape in Paddington Village, Liverpool.

The 14-storey, 160,000 square metre structure is designed to be one of the healthiest buildings in the world and is modelled on a biophilic design; an innovative way in which the built environment aims to reconnect with nature.

Above: The Spine's proposed foyer (image courtesy of Knowledge Quarter). 

The tower is set to achieve a BREEAM Excellent rating and will emerge as one of the first buildings in the UK to receive a WELL Standard Certification; a scheme that recognises measures to support positive mental health and the physical wellbeing of occupants in building design.

Above: The Spine's interior (image courtesy of Knowledge Quarter).

The facade is made of ceramic frit with 23 million unique voronoi polygons that mimic human skin - they react to the local environment, reducing glare and noise.

Above: The Spine's topping out (image courtesy of Morgan Sindall Construction and Infrastructure).

The building takes its name from the staircase that runs up the north elevation of the tower, which resembles a spine.

Above: The Spine is set to complete in the summer of 2020 (image courtesy of Knowledge Quarter). 

The lower and upper floors are to be occupied by the Royal College of Physicians.

The Spine is set to open in the summer of 2020.



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