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Solar Powered Apartments Under Construction in Dubai

NEW footage from developer Green Group reveals the progress on "Signature Livings", a new development in Dubai it claims is the Middle East's "first solar-powered apartment building".

Founded in 2013, Green Group has completed a number of residential projects, including contemporary and traditional villa developments alongside a golf course.

However, Signature Livings are the developer's first foray into solar-powered homes.

Above: Signature Livings is the first solar-powered block of flats in the Middle East (image courtesy of Green Group).

Currently under construction, the building features concrete shading elements on the facade that reduce solar loads and extensive canopies above that are composed of photovoltaic (PV) panels.

Above: The solar panels are integrated within a large canopy that covers the building (image courtesy of Green Group).

According to the developer, PV cells are often "unsightly" add-ons to buildings.

Although some manufacturers such as Tesla have developed solar cells that mimic the look of roof tiles or panels, architects at Green Group have instead decided to create a large canopy comprising of PV panels that cover the buildings.

Above: The construction of Signature Livings is well underway (image courtesy of Green Group).

This provides the project with a unique look but also helps to shade the resident's terraces.

Inside, the apartments have been designed with luxury amenities including a shared pool and squash court.


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