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Red Bull's Demountable F1 Paddock is Made of CLT

AUSTRIAN energy drink manufacturer and European Formula One sponsor, Red Bull, has unveiled its new "F1 Energy Station" - a VIP hospitality venue which allows fans and team members to watch the races from up close.

Nicknamed "F1 Holzhaus" - which means "wooden house" in German - the 1,221 square metre structure is made out of prefabricated cross laminated timber (CLT) elements.

Above: Red Bull's new F1 paddock is made wholly out of Austrian engineered timber (image courtesy of Red Bull Racing).

Made mostly from larch and spruce wood sourced from the Austrian federal state of Styria, the new energy station is 27% larger than its predecessor, which was built using-container like cabins.

Above: The Holzhaus has been designed to provide more space and does not require air conditioning (image courtesy of Red Bull Racing).

The structure is designed to be transported to different event locations. A crew of 25 workers can assemble the cabin in just 32 hours, and it can be disassembled in just a day. The structure is also designed to eliminate the need for artificial air conditioning.

Above: The structure can be assembled in 32 hours and disassembled in less than a day (image courtesy of Red Bull Racing).

Although the new paddock will be usually constructed on temporary foundations on the side of the race track, for the Monaco Grand Prix, the structure will be built on a barge and towed to Monte Carlo.


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