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New Office For Austrian Refinery Built in 14 Months

A NEW, 140,000 square foot (13,000 square metre) office was completed and officially opened last week at the OMV Schwechat oil refinery outside Vienna, Austria. 

The Schwechat refinery is one of the largest inland petroleum processing plants in Europe, employing almost 1,700 staff and processing up to 10 million tonnes (70 million barrels) of crude oil every year.

Above: The new office building at the Schwechat refinery. Below: The old refinery office, built in the 1960s, was no longer fit for purpose (images courtesy of OMV).

The previous office, built in the 1960s, was no longer fit for purpose due to the lack of usable space and the unacceptable seasonal temperature variations inside.

Above: The building, which accommodates 300 employees, was built in just 14 months (image courtesy of OMV).

The new building, designed by architectural practice ATP, was constructed using 910 tonnes of steel and 286,000 cubic feet (8,100 cubic metres) of concrete.

Taking just 14 months to complete, and coming in within budget, the new office will accommodate 300 employees who were previously stationed around the refinery.

Above: The new building provides employees with an up to date office environment (image courtesy of OMV).

Not only does the new building provide a modern working space for its employees, its location within the refinery will also improve access for visitors.

The old office building is now slated for demolition.


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