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5 Skyscrapers We Can't Wait to See Complete in 2018

Peter Smisek

26 December 2017

THERE will be skyscrapers galore completing in 2018 - though none of them will rise higher than the current record holder; the Burj Khalifa. We’ll have to wait until 2020 to see that title taken, when the one kilometer tall (yes, one kilometer tall) Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia completes.

In any case, there’s still plenty to look forward to - these are the high-rises we can’t wait to see complete in 2018! 


The controversial project, previously known as the "Gazprom Tower", has relocated to the city’s outskirts after UNESCO World Heritage officials complained about its original site near the centre of Russia’s former imperial capital.

At 462 metres the tower will be the tallest building in Russia and Europe.


Tall buildings are appearing across London, but few are as well-designed as One Blackfriars.

Above: One Blackfriars under construction (image courtesy of Wikimedia/Hugues Mitton).

At 163 metres, it’s not even the tallest tower under construction in the city right now - but its gently curving form and precise engineering is what makes it stand out among the skyline's other offerings.

In terms of taller towers, look-out for the 62-storey "22 Bishopsgate", which is sure to appear on our 2019 list.


Set to be the world’s tallest residential tower when it opens, the 442 metre "World One" will also be India’s tallest skyscraper by a huge margin - the second tallest, Lokhandwala Minerva, will stand a mere 325 metres high.

This impressive project is also emblematic of the country’s ambition to accelerate its economic growth. The Smart Cities Mission, will see USD $15BN invested in 100 Indian cities between 2015 and 2022, whilst the "Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor" (DMIC) project, aims to invest USD $90BN to create an economically active mega-region stretching almost 1000 miles - one of the world's largest infrastructure projects.


A number of super-tall buildings will be completing in China throughout 2018, from the 636 metre "Wuhan Greenland Center" to the elegantly tapering 597 metre "Goldin Finance 117" in Tianjin.

While we agree that any building of such heights is a great feat of engineering, we simply can't help but admire the relatively short Leeza SOHO tower in Beijing.

Above: Learn more about LEEZA Soho in this video from The B1M (updated March 2018).

The 207 metre structure, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects and engineered by the Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (BIAD), features two curving towers which seem to embrace one another for support, separated by a cavernous, twisting atrium. 

Designed to avoid train lines running beneath the site, the "world’s tallest atrium" will help to ensure the office space inside the building receives natural light. 


While super-tall skyscrapers will continue to rise across New York City in 2018, something just as interesting is happening in Miami.

Designed by the late Zaha Hadid, this 213 metre residential skyscraper features a curving glass fibre reinforced concrete (GFRC) "exoskeleton" that provides the building's primary structure ...whilst making for a truly unique exterior!

The exoskeleton approach means fewer internal columns and leads to slimmer elevator cores, creating lavish, open plan residences for its future inhabitants.

Above: How Miami's One Thousand Museum is set to appear once completed (image courtesy of ZHA).

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