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This Rover Carries Materials on Site

FRENCH robotics start-up Effidence have released a video in which a specially adapted autonomous rover, “EffiBOT”, carries tools and materials while following around a construction worker.

EffiBOT was not specifically designed for the construction industry; the robot is currently also being trialled for logistics and deliveries by French State Railway Company SNCF and DHL.

These robots are capable of carrying loads of up to 660 pounds (300 kilograms).

Above: Construction workers demonstrating the use of EffiBOT. Below: EffiBOT is also being trialled in the logistics sector, by companies such as DHL (images courtesy of Effidence).

French contractor Bouygues has been conducting trials using EffiBOT, hoping to boost productivity and lower injury and accident rates among its staff.

Described as a “logistical assistant”, the rover is able to follow human workers while carrying materials and tools in its “follow-me” mode.

Another feature, the “autonomous drive”, makes it possible to carry out unsupervised deliveries.

Above: Bouygues has been trialling the rover on some of its projects to determine whether it can perform in real-word conditions. Below: The rovers can also be used for unsupervised deliveries (images courtesy of Effidence). 

Built-in sensors allow it to navigate obstacles and avoid collisions with objects in dynamic environments, even as it follows its instructor.

This does not only apply to human workers - the EffiBOT can follow other rovers, or even a manually operated forklifts.

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