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Renovating Québec's Historic Armoury

COMPLETED in 1888, the historic Voltigeurs de Québec Armoury served as offices and training grounds for Canada's first French-speaking army regiment, the Voltigeurs, established in 1862.

In 2000, the regiment moved its training grounds elsewhere and the building was subsequently used for purely commemorative and ceremonial functions.

However, the historic structure was destroyed by fire in 2008 just as it was being renovated.

Above: A fire devastated the structure in 2008 (image courtesy of Devisubox).

The interior was completely destroyed leading the building’s roof to collapse. Despite this, the local fire department was able to save up to 90% of the artefacts displayed within the building.

Above: The front of the building has been restored to its previous state (image courtesy of Devisubox).

Works to restore the structure lasted three years and cost an estimated USD $77 million to complete.

Above: The rear of the building features a new entrance extension (image courtesy of STGM Architectes).

Commencing in 2015, the renovation included a full reconstruction of the damaged hall using traditional masonry and carpentry techniques. A new extension was also formed.

Above: A new office wing was added, clad in the same material as the original structure (image STGM Architectes).

The main hall was rebuilt as a multi-purpose space and an additional entrance lobby was constructed at the rear of the complex to house some of the artefacts relating to Voltigeurs history.


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