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New Orleans' New Airport is about to Complete

SNC Lavalin | 2:49

New Orleans' New Airport is about to Complete

Peter Smisek

18 June 2019

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NEW Orleans' international airport is currently adding a new terminal to make room for a growing number of passengers travelling to the city.

With an estimated cost of USD $1.3 billion, it's one of the many updates currently underway in the United States (US), aimed at updating the country's ageing aviation infrastructure.

According to an estimate from the Airports Council International, American airports will need USD $128 billion in upgrades by 2023.

Above: The new terminal will cater to international arrivals and departures (image courtesy of SNC Lavalin / Atkins).

Although there had been a slight decline in the number of travellers handled by the airport in the wake of hurricane Katrina in 2005, the number of travellers passing through the airport has now almost doubled since to 13 million.

Above: The new space is designed to be more welcoming and efficient (image courtesy of SNC Lavalin).

The focus of the new terminal is to create a more welcoming and efficient facility for passengers, as well as a more pleasant environment for airport staff.

Above: Double-height spaces and natural light are some of the main features of the new terminal (image courtesy of SNC Lavalin).

To achieve this, the terminal features 35 gates and approximately a million square feet of space.

Double height airside facilities, as well as large skylights and a central atrium, create a feeling of spaciousness.

Above: New Orleans International is one of a number of US airports currently undergoing expansion and renovation (image courtesy of SNC Lavalin)

Although the upgrade in New Orleans is a significant one, America's larger airports are also undergoing much-needed upgrades.

New York's La Guardia is currently undergoing a USD $8 billion redevelopment, while Los Angeles International is getting a USD $14 billion facelift.


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