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Original city prints have been added to The B1M's merch store

Fred Mills

23 September 2021

THERE are a handful of moments in history where everyone can tell you exactly where they were and what they were doing when they heard the news.

This moment, the dropping of new merch by The B1M, is one of those.

Stop everything. Open a new tab. Click this and start upgrading your style. We've got t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, stickers, the works.

Our new spiced-up collection now includes a city-themed range alongside the classic logo-mark stuff.

We approached this very scientifically, carefully thinking about what a stylish fan of The B1M would love to wear.

We then realised that style and a passion for geeking-out over impossibly well-made YouTube videos rarely go hand-in-hand. So, we started again and commissioned our own fresh, original, architecture-geek centric designs that pull in the greatest engineering icons from some of our favourite cities.

Are they stylish? No, but they’re ok. Would you wear them on a t-shirt or want them on a mug? We really hope so because they cost money and we’d love to get some of that back.

Above and Below: Some would describe The B1M's new city-themed merch as "irresistible" - not many people, but some.

T-shirts and mugs are now available in our New York, London, Toronto and Sydney styles.

We’ll be adding more cities over time by asking our audience to vote on what places they’d most like to see next. Start a strong-enough grassroots campaign to get the vote out and even your rural little hometown could make it.

The new styles join our existing range of merch available through Spring - a collection that includes subtle logo-branded gym hoodies (like the one below), t-shirts, die cut stickers and mugs.

Above: The new styles join the existing merch range.

Now, perhaps this is all new to you. Perhaps you’ve checked-out The B1M because your other half is constantly going on about how FRICKING AMAZING we are and you thought that some merch might make a good birthday, Christmas or even Halloween present for them.

Welcome. We like you. We get this is all a bit weird. Rest assured that a true fan would want one of everything, in every colour combination. It’s the only way to show you truly love them. 

Ps. Tag us in a picture of yourself wearing our merch (or drinking from it) on social media and we'll love you forever. 


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