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China’s largest smartphone company reveals giant infinity loop-shaped research building

Tim Gibson

22 April 2021

OPPO, China’s largest smartphone company, has revealed its new loop-shaped research centre in Hangzhou, China.

Designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), the dramatic building will also act as a gateway to a new district in the city that will be primarily dedicated to technological entrepreneurship.

While impressively eye-catching, the unique shape of The O-Tower also allows for more surface area, meaning more windows and more natural light for workers inside.

To prevent the building from overheating - as the increased surface area will also mean more solar gain - the facade has adaptive blinds that will orientate themselves to the sun’s position over the course of the day.

According to BIG this will cool the building by 52 percent - an important design factor as Hangzhou is in a semi-tropical climate.

Above: The building's unique shape has been designed to maximise natural light. Image courtesy of BIG.

The central courtyard that the building wraps around, as well as the first three floors, will be publicly accessible and contain an exhibition space, conference centres and workshops.

The courtyard will also extend outwards into the neighbouring wetlands, designed as an “urban living room” for the city.

At the top of the building will be a VIP lounge with spectacular views of the wetlands and lake.

While the rest of the tower will house research and development departments for OPPO as well as administrative offices.

Above: The centre sits within Hangzhou's natural wetlands. Image courtesy of BIG.

“We have attempted to imagine the future work environment of OPPO to be sustainable on a triple bottom line: economically, ecologically and socially,” BIG founder Bjarke Ingels said in a press release.

“The compact form folding in on itself provides large flexible floorplates with the daylight access and fresh air of a slender tower.”

“Through this project, Hangzhou will become one of the most important centers of research and development for OPPO in china," added Jin Le Qin, SVP of OPPO.

“The iconic expression of the landmark O-Tower designed by BIG is perfectly complemented and enhanced by [our district’s] beautiful and pleasant natural waterbody and wetland landscape.”

BIG founder Bjarke Ingels is a prominent Danish architect whose international career has seen him work for the likes of Google, LEGO and Virgin Hyperloop.


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