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This new smart city in China will be run entirely by artificial intelligence

Dan Cortese

08 October 2020

LEADING technology smart service provider Terminus Group has announced plans to build a city campus in Chongqing, China that will be entirely run by artificial intelligence (AI).

Designed by Danish architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), the campus will also serve as the new headquarters for the technology giant.

Everything in the city will be operated by artificial intelligence, from entertainment to fire services to personal butlers.

Above and Below: Ample courtyards have been strategically placed throughout the campus (images courtesy of BIG).

Cloud Valley will be a place for all life to thrive, BIG has said, “human life, plant life, animal life and even artificial life."

Every home will have an AI virtual housekeeper named Titan who will be capable of choosing residents' breakfast, matching their outfit to the weather, and organising their schedule.

The AI system will collect data to “upgrade” aspects of city planning, security systems, and tourist areas as time goes on.

Above: AI will be integrated with almost every aspect of Cloud Valley. Below: The roofs of the campus will hold gardens (images courtesy of BIG).

As for the city itself, BIG has prioritised integration with nature, creating large open-air courtyards throughout with gardens on the roofs.

The courtyards will host sporting events and exhibitions, while at night the underside of the roof will turn into the largest digital display in all of China.

Each home will have automatically adjusting solar panels and overhanging roofs to shelter buildings from the elements.

This isn’t the first major smart city BIG has designed, earlier in 2020 the firm announced plans to create an AI-run city at the base of Mt Fuji with Toyota.

Header image courtesy of BIG.


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