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PRESS RELEASE | 24 January 2020

Behind The B1M - The World's Leading Video Platform for Construction Launch Subscription Service

THE world’s leading video platform for architecture and construction, The B1M, has today launched a new paid subscription service offering viewers a glimpse into the publisher’s activities and operations behind the scenes. 

“Behind The B1M” will sit alongside the publisher’s well-established free-to-access YouTube channel and deliver additional content to those signing-up.

Subscriptions are priced at 1.99 a month, with an upper “Max” tier priced at 4.99.

The move follows a stellar 12 months for the publisher that saw it rise to become the world’s largest and most subscribed-to video channel for construction and one of YouTube’s most celebrated educational content creators.

In the past year organic views on The B1M’s platform have grown to over 11M per month while its subscriber-base has expanded by 743,320 people.

The company trebled its revenue for a third consecutive year, brokered content partnerships with household-name brands like Aviva and grew its team with an array of expertise from across the media publishing sector.

Above: The B1M's Fred Mills filming in Los Angeles.

Those signing up for Behind The B1M will gain access to behind the scenes clips and images and the chance to ask questions of the team directly in a weekly Q&A on the channel’s community feed.

For fans wanting even more, the “Max” tier will offer dedicated event access, a full behind the scenes video every month and an extra documentary each month – produced in the publisher’s usual style and quality but exclusively for Members.

There’s also a suite of loyalty badges and bespoke emojis.

Commenting on the launch and The B1M’s recent success, co-founder and managing director Fred Mills said:

“It’s been incredibly humbling. I am proud of what we have achieved so far and of the impact it has had on millions of people around the world – people who watch, comment and engage with on our content daily.

“But for everything you see publicly, it’s hard work behind the scenes that makes it all happen. It all comes down to people and that’s the part I have found most rewarding – there’s no better feeling than creating jobs, seeing incredibly talented people come into them and then grow within their roles.

“That’s what led us to create Behind The B1M. We want to show more of that small team; how they work, the effort they invest, our thought process and what really goes on between our video releases. What it really takes.”

Behind The B1M is available now. Sign-up here or click “Join” on the channel’s YouTube homepage. 


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