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Four-Legged Robot Inspects Building Site

EARLIER this year, US robotics firm Boston Dynamics, released a viral video of Spot-Mini, a four-legged robot that could open doors by using a fifth mechanical arm.

Equal parts endearing and disconcerting to internet users at the time - who debated whether the robot reminded them of a dog, or marvelled at its eerily precise movements - the Spot-Mini has now been put to a more practical use.

Above: Boston Dynamic's Spot-Mini came to worldwide attention after opening a door in a viral video (image courtesy of Boston Dynamics).

Boston Dynamics began testing the robot for commercial use about a year ago. Initially, the Spot-Mini has been put to work on mapping, but recent tests show it navigating construction sites in Tokyo.

Above: Equipped with surveying equipment, the robot has been tested on building sites in Japan (image courtesy of Boston Dynamics).

Equipped with a camera and specialist sensors for surveying work progress, the robot easily navigates uneven floors, obstacles and stairs thanks to its highly developed four-limbed mechanism and built-in sensors.

Above: The robot navigates a number of obstacles and can even climb stairs (image courtesy of Boston Dynamics).

The company is hoping to manufacture 100 Spot-Minis in the coming year and a further 1,000 per year after that. It will mark the first time in its 26 year history that Boston Dynamics will be making its robots commercially available.

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