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Exhibition centre made of 13,000 scales completes in China

Dan Cortese

21 August 2020

THIS impressive cantilevered exhibition space in Binhai, China has completed construction.

Lacime Architects used the latest information modelling technology to create a unique building, inspired by the shape of a wave and made of more than 13,000 aluminium scales.

Dubbed “Shimao the Wave”, the exhibition space is located in the Bohai Economic Rim, near a cultural park and aircraft carrier theme park.

Above: The building's facade is made of 13,000 strategically placed scales. Below: The interior is devoid of any columns thanks to the outer shell of the building (images courtesy of CAAI).

Inside the wave itself is an art museum, while outside is a theatre and open public space.

The museum rises in between these spaces like a gigantic wave about to crash.

The building is mostly hollow and free of columns, this is achieved by the relatively thin, lightweight shell that balances the load of the structure.

The scales of the building’s facade are designed to both efficiently insulate the building and reflect the sunlight during key moments of the day.

Above and Below: The building is made to resemble a wave, about to crash (images courtesy of CAAI).

Lacime Architects is based in Shanghai and has made a name for itself by integrating landscape design with architecture.

It has been involved in a number of high-profile projects that focus on Chinese culture.

China has recently restricted its architecture laws and policies, limiting the number of skyscrapers while encouraging buildings that better reflect Chinese culture.


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