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What is The Internet of Things? | D-Construct: Episode 1 (Part 1)

Hello and welcome to the first ever episode of D-Construct, our monthly technology review show with Basestone! Each month Tom Payne (Co-Founder, The B1M), Alex Siljanovski (CEO of Basestone) and Simon McCabe (CTO at Basestone) will take a look at construction’s hottest new tech and the impact its having on the industry!

This month’s theme is the Internet of Things and what it will mean for construction.

The Episode is split into two clear parts. In Part 1, we explore what the term Internet of Things actually means and its wider context. In Part 2 we catch-up with Gideon Farrell of tech start-up Converge to find out what they are doing with concrete monitoring … and whether their sensors really are indestructible!

“It’s not just tweeting fridges” explains Simon McCabe. “The term is actually split into two areas: there’s the Internet of Things as we think about it – the little devices – and the Industrial Internet of Things where the real value lies for our industry”.

For construction, the Internet of Things can offer full lifecycle asset information. By collating data on how different components of a building perform during their lifecycle, end-users and operators can better understand their assets and hone their performance. The data is also extremely powerful for designers and project teams when it comes to replacing that building in the future or when constructing another asset in that operator’s portfolio.

On a more holistic scale, aggregating real-time and historic performance data from a number of buildings – on a regional, national or even international level – can enable our industry to deliver higher quality assets that powerfully support the business outcomes of the people using them.

“Internet of Things is an extremely exciting area at the moment and there are some great things going on, especially amongst start-ups” says Alex Siljanovski. “There are some really powerful things you can do that go far beyond your fridge telling you when you are out of milk”.

Find out how the Internet of Things is impacting construction and all about tech start-up Converge by watching D-Construct: Episode 1 (Part 2) now!

D-Construct is produced by The B1M in association with Basestone. The production team includes: Alex Siljanovski, Simon McCabe, Laura Davies, Priya Joshi, Tom Payne and Fred Mills.

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