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Shanghai’s Colourful Answer to the High Line

SHANGHAI could be about to get its own version of New York City’s iconic High Line.

100architects have proposed regenerating the Puji Road pedestrian bridge.

The kilometre-long elevated walkway currently winds through the city, connecting the districts of Zhabei and Jing’an, crossing the Suzhou Creek in the process.

It was first renovated in 2009 for the Shanghai World Expo. That original modification called for the addition of wider pathways so that small vehicles like bikes and scooters could travel beside pedestrians.

Above and Below: The Puji Road Bridge would be transformed into a pedestrian-friendly attraction (images courtesy of 100architects).

This new proposal - dubbed the “High Loop” - would transform the existing structure into an elevated park.

The traditionally grey asphalt would be painted over in bright colours, with pedestrian walkways expanded and new functional pockets added.

A bright magenta path would encourage pedestrians to enjoy longer, leisurely strolls down the High Loop, taking them to strategically placed vantage points. While a lime green path would lead cyclists on the most direct route.

Above and Below: The High Loop encourages pedestrians to enjoy longer, curated walks (images courtesy of 100architects).

Blue areas would allow visitors to stop and pause. They would include new amenities like viewing decks, picnic plazas, lounge areas and mini amphitheaters.

Projects like the High Loop are becoming more commonplace as the world begins to rethink how we use public spaces in a post-coronavirus world, with an emphasis on the pedestrian experience and cyclists.

Above: High Loop is inspired by New York's famous High Line.



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