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I Have The Best Job In The World: Richard Lane

“My 27 year career has really taken me to this point, today, where I have the best job in the world”. Watch this fantastic speech by Richard Lane on how building information modelling (BIM) can deliver a transformational change in the construction industry.


“The great thing from your perspective, is you can skip that 27 years, and you can have the best job in the world today” says Richard. “Over the next 8 minutes or so I’m going to explain and justify how I can make such a bold claim”.

Filmed at the United Kingdom’s (UK) London + South East BIM Region event in autumn 2015, Richard’s piece looks at the wider agenda behind the British Government’s BIM mandate, and towards the Industrial Strategy: Construction 2025.

Image: UK Industrial Strategy: Construction 2025 targets, courtesy of 

The UK’s built environment sector employs 2.9M people and contributes 15% of the country’s total output (GDP). But it is very inefficient and wasteful. The consensus amongst several studies puts total waste within the industry between 30-35%, equivalent to around 5% of GDP.

“5% of this country’s output is wasted” 

“It gets worse” explains Richard. “Construction enables pretty much every other industry in this country – so add to that 5% the knock-on effect to all those other sectors”.

Image: UK construction industry infographic, courtesy of 

These factors, when read in conjunction with the detailed SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis in the Industrial Strategy, make the UK Government’s rational for driving transformation through BIM clear. With real change in construction – reducing waste and improving the overall quality of the built environment – numerous other industries and the UK’s overall national output will directly benefit.

Richard goes on to highlight the three factors for motivation of individuals as outlined by Dan Pink in his book Drive: autonomy, mastery and purpose. “For me, the transformation that is being driven by BIM enables everybody in our industry to achieve all of these things” Richard explains.

“BIM represents an opportunity to make amazing, real, significant difference to our country as a whole”

He concludes with an inspiring call-to-action: “Government have been trying to change construction for 70 years. But with the UK BIM mandate and the movement within the industry, we have the chance to get it right this time. So please join me. If we all embrace it then we can really make this level of difference and change to our country. And if we can have that level of purpose in our work… why wouldn’t it be the best job in the world?”

“With that level of purpose in our work… why wouldn’t it be the best job in the world?”

Richard Lane is a Director at Creonova Consulting, currently working with the UK BIM Task Group. Follow him on Twitter @RichardLane.

Filmed at University of Westminster. Find out more about the UK’s London + South East BIM Region and register for future events here.

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