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Europe’s Longest Overhanging Pool Completes

CLAVEL Arquitectos have completed Europe’s longest (and the world’s second longest) overhanging pool in Murcia, Spain.

To celebrate, architect Manuel Clavel Rojo took the inaugural dip.

The pool extends 20 metres over each side of the Odiseo leisure centre’s roof - some 30 metres above street level.

Above: The pool hangs 20 metres over either side of the centre (image courtesy of  David Frutos). 

The client initially dismissed the idea of a pool and only changed his mind once the building was halfway through construction.

The decision was taken to suspend the pool either side of the stairway and core, the most rigid elements of the building that could support the additional weight.

Above: The leisure centre aims to boost tourism to the city of Murcia (image courtesy of David Frutos).

Once Manuel Clavel Rojo realised this was going to be an extreme structure, he decided to push it to its absolute limit to create a unique and fun experience for visitors.

The pool is part of a USD $34 million leisure centre which will include world class restaurants and a casino.

The centre is expected to draw 300,000 people in its first year alone.

Above: The pool was added last minute to the partially constructed building (image courtesy of David Frutos).

The building also contains an elevated forest enclosed by a latticework of pipes that will protect plants from the harsh Mediterranean sun. These plants will help to create a miniature ecosystem around the building.

The development is hoped to boost tourism for Murcia, which was hit hard by the 2008 financial crisis.



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