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Copenhagen Quietly Opens Metro Line Amid Pandemic

COPENHAGEN has officially opened its M4 Metro Line in a low-key inauguration event.

The new line is part of a USD $337 million expansion to the city’s metro system, which also includes doubling the frequency of the M3 Cityring to Østerport.

The new line consists of nearly two kilometres of underground rail extending from Copenhagen Main Station to Nordhavn and Orientkaj.

Above: Construction works continue as the new metro line is linked up (image courtesy of STRABAG).

The terminus station at Orientkaj has also been elevated.

The extension is expected to carry more than 11,000 passengers every day. The project brings the total number of metro stations in Copenhagen to 39.

Above: The project includes the elevation of selected stations (image courtesy of STRABAG). Below: Part of the new M4 Metro (image courtesy of Fotograf Hannah Paludan Kristensen).

Ordinarily, a milestone like this would have been marked with news media, citizens, contractors, politicians and the Danish Royal family all attending a large gathering. 

But in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the strict lockdown measures introduced by city officials, the trains were silently connected to the new track without fanfare.

Above: Inside the new elevated terminus Orientkaj (image courtesy of International Railway Journey). 

Despite some of the strictest lockdown measures now being slowly reviewed and relaxed, public gatherings remain suspended in Copenhagen.

The M4 line forms part of a wider, longer term investment into the city's public transport infrastructure.

Officials are attempting to create the world's first carbon-neutral city by 2025 and are already well-advanced in supporting and implementing measures to achieve their goal.

You can learn more in The B1M's video: 


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, please follow your national government's advice and stay home.



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