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How Can Social Media Support BIM Knowledge Sharing? #SocialBIM: Episode 2

Episode 2 in our 4-part series with Su Butcher takes a special look at how social media can support BIM knowledge sharing, an area of vital importance: “There’s a small group of people with a lot of BIM knowledge and the vast majority who do not have enough” says Su. “We need to share that knowledge with a wider audience”.

A key challenge for those looking to learn about BIM is the large amount of information available. That’s why search is so useful. “It is important that we create content that is easy to find via search” Su explains. “Posting new content regularly makes it easier to find; Google loves new content”.

This Episode introduces hashtags as a means of filtering content and conversations on social media, whilst linking you into a wider community of experts. Su goes right from the top and explains what a hashtag is, before talking about the #UKBIMCrew community in the United Kingdom and how you can participate. She also covers ‘re-tweets’ ‘likes’ and the ability to take discussions offline if you prefer.

Leading by example, Su points out that she’s freely sharing some of her knowledge with us on The B1M YouTube channel and website: “You might not think about it, but YouTube is one of the largest social networks. It’s become very common for people to have conversations in the comments under videos”.

She ends by asking us to reflect on the knowledge that she has shared, before considering how we could pass it on and start participating in the BIM discussion: “Ask yourself where your level of expertise is when it comes to BIM. What do you know about? What could you share with other people? What do you need to learn?”

Have a go at joining the discussion on BIM with the #UKBIMCrew hashtag or the conversation around this video series with #SocialBIM. Everyone has a role to play and together we can leverage social media to the benefit of our industry.

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Find out more about Su at and interact with her on Twitter @SuButcher.

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