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We welcome submissions from anyone engaged with the built environment who would like to see their work featured. Publication can take several forms:

  • Existing videos, already published on YouTube, that we embed onto with an accompanying text article.
  • Original, unpublished footage or imagery, submitted to us that we edit and publish as a video on our YouTube channel. That video is then embedded onto with an accompanying text article.
  • The creation of original video content, directly with you, including interviews, case studies or product placement pieces. This content is produced and edited by us and published onto our YouTube channel. It is then embedded onto with an accompanying text article. We offer a range of options for creating content with us. Please enquire here.

To make a submission please send us footage, images and/or links and some explanatory text.

We will happily credit video content, footage and/or imagery where appropriate and can include links or full copyright details if desired.

Please bear with us. We receive a lot of submissions and it may take us some time to respond to you. The quality and integrity of our content is very important to our audience. To maintain this, it is not possible to publish everything we receive. We endeavour to reply in all instances, but if you do not hear back from us then it is unlikely that we will be publishing your submission – sorry!

We are more likely to consider submissions or proposals that are exclusive to us and which are unpublished. Please bear in mind that we probably won't publish your submission if:

  • It is a sales pitch.
  • It has already been published, shared and/or viewed on another channel or platform.
  • It is outdated or contains inaccurate information.
  • It is poorly shot or inconsiderate of the YouTube platform dynamics (where we typically have just 8 seconds to engage people).

The submission and any subsequent publication(s) of content is subject to our full terms.



We are actively looking to obtain video content in these areas in any geographic region or location. If you are able to arrange access for filming or if you have unpublished footage please contact us.

  • Tower crane construction and/or dismantlement.
  • Automated construction plant.
  • Railway bridge replacements under tight timescales and track possession.
  • Continuous concrete pour operations.
  • Temporary forms of construction for humanitarian relief.
  • Interviews with leading industry figures, persons with high-interest roles/stories or those at the cutting edge of innovation.
  • Permission/access to film 360 degree videos in the following locations: interesting construction sites; impressive architectural spaces; tower crane cabs.
  • Permission/access to obtain footage of interesting construction projects using our licenced UAV (drone).

We are actively seeking volunteers to support us with the following activities in any geographic region or location. All volunteers are publically credited for their work and we can include links and/or thumbnail images where appropriate. If you are able to help, please contact us before you start. We are under no obligation to publish or progress work undertaken by volunteers.

  • Research and script development explaining key construction processes.
  • Research and article writing on existing (already published) third party video content.
  • Research and script development for significant or high-interest construction project case studies.