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Hopefully you find all the help you need here!

If not, feel free to talk to a real person via our contact email addresses or tweet @TheB1MSupport. Our Terms and Conditions are available here.


What is The B1M?

The B1M is the definitive video channel for construction. We want to inspire a better industry by sharing knowledge, best practice + compelling stories. We want to inspire young people to join our industry by showcasing the incredible projects and feats of engineering it delivers.

How big is our audience?

The numbers on our homepage display our total video views (including legacy views from our old platform) and total social followers (including website members and YouTube subscribers). You can find out more about our channel size here.

Why should I join?

Joining The B1M will:

  • Enable you to like and comment on our videos.  
  • Make you part of our member’s community creating your own profile and receiving a unique ‘B’ number reference point so others can search for you. 
  • Enable you to subscribe to The B1M Mail, our newspaper that's freely distributed across six continents.  

Video Formats + Sharing

What kind of videos do you publish?

We share videos that have been originally produced by The B1M and submitted content from third parties. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified with each release.

You can find out more about our vision in our Media Information. To work with us or to power an awesome video, drop us a line at

Where can I see your back catalogue?

You can see our full back catalogue, featuring all the videos we have released here.

What do you mean by "Power a Video"?

Video powering is where a brand financially supports The B1M in return for discrete + appropriate exposure on our channel, helping us to sustain our free, global resource. It can take two forms:

  • Discrete + appropriate brand and/or product placement within video content (example here).
  • Appropriate brand sponsorship of a video or video series (example here).

To preserve the integrity of our resource, Editorial control is retained by The B1M at all times.

Powering a video is by far the best way to reach + see results from our engaged audience. To support us in this way drop us a line at You can learn more about our audience + reach in our Media Information.

How can I share your videos?

We rely on people sharing our videos to inspire a better industry. We only ask that you be nice and play by our rules. We must be credited alongside any third party embedded videos.

Ripping, downloading and/or editing our videos is illegal and will result in legal action.

Can I embed your videos?

You may embed our videos onto other websites or blogs with our permission, as per our Guidelines for Sharing. We have simple partnerships in place with numerous sites to embed our content + help it reach a wider audience. Talk to us to set one up!

We must be credited alongside any third party embedded videos.

Ripping, downloading and/or editing our videos is illegal and will result in legal action.

How can I create a video with you?

We love making great videos and distributing them to our global audience. It’s what we do. To work with us on a project just get in touch!

I have a video, will you share it for me?

It depends what it is. You apply by submitting your content here. We carefully curate submissions to ensure they are up to date, accurate + reliable for our audience. Please bear in mind that we probably won't share your video if:

  • It is a sales pitch.
  • It has already been published, shared and/or viewed on another channel or platform.
  • It is outdated or contains inaccurate information.
  • It is poorly shot or inconsiderate of the YouTube platform dynamics (where we typically have just 8 seconds to engage people).

If you think your clip is awesome, submit it + we’ll let you know what we think …Simon Cowell style!

Video Playback

Videos are not playing for me

Sorry about that. You need to ensure that you have a suitable internet connection. If you are working within an organisation you may need to check that your system administrator allows you to watch video clips from YouTube, our third party video hosting platform.

If you are still unable to view our videos please contact our Support Team. Don’t worry, they’re a nice bunch.

360 videos are not playing for me

To watch a 360 video you'll need to be using the latest version of Chrome, Opera, Firefox or Internet Explorer on your computer. On mobile devices use the latest version of the YouTube app. You can move around the video by tilting your device or using your finger on mobile, or with your mouse on desktop.

How does the view count work?

The view count on our videos is pulled through from YouTube by API with a slight lag. Whenever you watch a video, that counts as a view.

Some videos may appear to have more views on our website than on our YouTube channel. This is because they were originally released on an earlier version of our website that used Vimeo as our third party video hosting platform. The view count for these videos on our website now includes their ‘legacy view count’ from Vimeo, and their new view count from YouTube. Yeah, it made our heads hurt too.

Joining The B1M

How do I join The B1M?

You can become a member of The B1M by following the simple registration process here.

You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel and be notified about our new video releases.

How do I subscribe to The B1M YouTube channel?

You can subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking the 'subscribe' button here or on any of the video viewing pages on our website.

To subscribe to a YouTube channel you'll need to have a free Google+ account (create one here). You then need to be logged into that account when visiting us on YouTube.

Further help on subscribing to YouTube channels is available here.

Who can join?

Anyone can join The B1M, whether as an individual, a company/organisation or a project (just like creating a Twitter account). Everyone is welcome regardless of age, location, experience or understanding.

Does it matter where I live?

No. Anyone, anywhere in the world can join The B1M.

How long does my membership last?

Your membership and unique B-number is for life... and no one can take it from you!

What kind of image am I allowed to upload?

You’re allowed to upload whatever you want to show off what you’re all about! It could be a picture of yourself, a company logo or an image of your project. Images need to be 4MB or less and must not be inappropriate or pornographic. Images that breach our Terms and Conditions will result in your place being suspended or removed. If you’re unsure about your image then why not run it by our Support Team?

What if I want to change my image or contact details?

You can change your image or contact details by logging in and editing your profile.

Can I leave in the future?

You can change your contact details and image by logging in and editing your profile or apply to have your place removed by contacting our Support Team. In some circumstances we may have to suspend or remove your place if you breach our Terms and Conditions.


Who can see my place?

Anyone that visits The B1M could see your profile by searching for you. We would advise you not to enter any information that you wouldn’t want shared publicly.

Who can see the data that I enter in the registration process?

When you complete your registration form, your title, description, contact details and image are uploaded onto your profile for everyone to see. The information that you enter into the other areas of the registration form is kept private on our secure servers at a facility within the European Economic Area (EEA) and is not shared with any third parties. It is only seen by senior members of The B1M staff. The B1M is a registered Data Controller under the Data Protection Act 1998 (no. Z3224311). If you would like to know more about how we can use your data, then please read our Terms and Conditions.

What do you do with my information?

Your profile information is held securely on our servers within the European Economic Area (EEA) and is not shared with any third parties. If you would like to know more about how we can use your data, then please read our Terms and Conditions.

Someone is imitating me on The B1M, what can I do?

We take cases of identity theft very seriously. If you believe someone is imitating you on The B1M or simply that there is a duplicate of your profile on our system, then please contact our Support Team for further assistance.

B1M University

What is B1M University?

B1M University is our higher education teaching initiative. It shares industry expertise with students through filmed Classes.

We have created a network of University Partners that host Classes from industry on a rotational basis. These Classes are filmed by The B1M and freely shared with students across the network. We also make them publically available on our channel to benefit a wider audience.

Industry organisations sponsor the Classes that they present. This fee covers event co-ordination/management, marketing, filming, editing, video release and distribution by The B1M. Find out more about B1M University here.

How do I access the Class videos?

You can freely access B1M University Class videos through our website by searching, or by selecting ‘B1M University’ from the drop down category menu. Class videos are released via social media and email. If you follow us on social media, become a member of The B1M or subscribe to our YouTube channel you will be notified whenever a new Class video is released.

How can I be in the audience at a Class filming?

Anyone is welcome to attend the filming of a Class and to sit in the audience free of charge. You can attend by registering through our B1M University page and selecting the appropriate event.

How can my University become a University Partner?

We welcome any University looking to become a University Partner. Please contact us for further information.

University Partners host classes from industry on a rotational basis. There is a no fee or financial obligation, we simply use your venue space (typically a lecture theatre) for hosting and filming our classes. Audience attendance to see the filming of a class is prioritised for students or those affiliated with the host University through an advance registration link.

B1M University Class videos are added to our video resource and support academic teaching with industry experience and expertise.

The B1M Mail

What is The B1M Mail?

The B1M Mail is our print and digital newspaper, freely distributed to over 3,000 subscribing professionals across six continents.

Why on earth would we print a hard copy newspaper about the digital age? Find out here!

How can I subscribe?

You can subscribe for free by becoming a member of The B1M and entering your postal address in the registration form. If you are already a member and now wish to subscribe, or if you need to change your postal address, you can do this under ‘my account’ once logged in. All subscribers receive a digital edition via email.  

Please note that with effect from Issue 5 we now only distribute directly mailed hard copies within the United Kingdom. Hard copies are available from our distribution partner outlets, at universities and at events internationally.  

Where can I get previous Issues?

You can access copies of past Issues in digital form here. The hard copies are rare collector’s items!

How can I advertise in The B1M Mail?

We’d love you to support our cause! Our advertisers include Autodesk, Exactal, Cubicle Centre and BIM Store amongst others. For advertisement or sponsorship enquiries please download our Media Information or contact us.


Can't find the help you need? Talk to a real person via our contact email addresses or tweet @TheB1MSupport.

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