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Vietnam begins work on Long Thanh Airport

Heerim Architects | 3:49

Vietnam begins work on Long Thanh Airport

Tim Gibson

23 November 2020

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VIETNAM is about to start work on one of the largest infrastructure projects in its history - the Long Thanh International Airport.

The airport will be built just over 40 kilometres east of Ho Chi Minh City in Dong Nai Province on a 1,800 hectare site.

Expected to be completed by 2025, the first phase of construction will cost USD $4.28BN.

This first phase will include a four kilometre long runway at a width of 75 metres.

There'll also be a 373,000 square metre passenger terminal that will be able to serve over 25 million passengers and 1.2 million tons of cargo per year.

Above: An artist's impression of what the final airport will look like (image courtesy of the Airports Corporation of Vietnam).

All three phases of the airport are due to complete by 2040. By then there will be four runways and four passenger terminals able to welcome 100 million passengers and process more than five million tonnes of cargo every year.

Approval for the massive project was granted by the government on 13 November 2020, by Deputy Prime Minister Tinh Dinh Dung.

According to a press release, the airport will be built with modern and open technologies so that it can be easily updated with the most advanced construction, management and operational technologies.

Above: Ho Chi Minh City has seen rapid development in recent years.

The approval of the airport indicates the Vietnamese government's confidence in post-COVID tourism and trade.

The country shut its borders on March 22, suspending entry for all foreigners.

Over the last two decades the tourism industry in Vietnam has grown considerably, from 2.1 million visitors a year in 2000 to over 18 million in 2019.

More than two-thirds of the Vietnamese economy is generated by services - including hotels, hospitality and transportation.

Returning to pre-COVID levels of tourism with projects like the Long Thanh International Airport will be a major priority for the government in 2021.

Learn more about the Long Thanh International Airport in our documentary on the five greatest airports taking off by 2025:


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