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Top 5 Tallest Skyscrapers By 2021

The B1M | 5:15

Top 5 Tallest Skyscrapers By 2021

Tom Ravenscroft

20 December 2017

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SKYSCRAPERS are rising faster and higher than ever before, with a huge number of impressive towers now being built in cities around the world. Here we look at the five tallest skyscrapers currently under construction and set to complete by 2021.


We begin our countdown in China, where an unprecedented boom in skyscraper construction is currently taking place.

One of the most prominent structures in this new breed of super-tall buildings is "Goldin Finance 117" - the centre piece of a new Central Business District in Tianjin.

Named after the number of storeys within the building, the skyscraper will stand 597 metres (or 1,959 feet) tall when it completes in 2018.

Above: The slender skyscraper will be topped with a rotating observation deck and restaurant in a jewel shaped atrium ( image courtesy of Golden Properties).

The extremely slender tower has a height-to-width ratio of 9.5 to 1 and is topped with a diamond shaped atrium, giving the building the appearance of a bejewelled walking stick.

While the tower will contain office space on the lower floors, and a luxury hotel in the upper storeys, the jewel will contain a rotating observation deck and restaurant.


Rising even higher, is a building that will tower above everything else in Bangkok, Thailand.

Standing 616 metres or 2,018 feet high, the "Grand Rama 9 Tower" will be almost double the height of the country’s current tallest building; the recently completed MahaNakhon.

Construction began in 2017 and when the skyscraper completes in 2021 it will become the sixth tallest building in the world.

Above: Grand Rama 9 will be almost twice as tall as any other building in Bangkok (image courtesy of A49 Group).


Staying in south-east Asia, we come to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, where an even taller skyscraper is under construction.

"Merdeka PNB 118" will stand 630 metres (or 2,070 feet) tall when it completes in 2021, rising more than 500 feet higher than the city’s Petronas Towers – which once held the title of the world’s tallest building.

Above: Merdeka PNB 118 will tower over the Petronas Towers, the world's former tallest building (image courtesy of Merdeka PNB).

Around 60 floors of the 118-storey skyscraper are set to become offices for the building’s developer, PNB, while the remaining levels will be divided between further office space and a luxury hotel.


The second of two skyscrapers in China to make our list, the "Wuhan Greenland Center" will rise to an incredible 636 metres (or 2,087 feet).

Designed by mega-tall building experts Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture for the Greenland Group – a real estate developer owned by the Shanghai city government – the building will become the tallest building in China when it completes in 2018.

Above: Wuhan Greenland will become China's tallest building when it completes (image courtesy of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture).

The record-breaking tower will also become the world's second tallest structure after Dubai's Burj Khalifa, and the world's tallest building by occupiable floor height. And the records don’t stop there: the building will also include the world's highest man-made observation deck on the 126th floor, over 2000 feet (610 meters) above ground, and the world's highest hotel, overtaking the Ritz-Carlton in Hong Kong.

Unfortunately, the building may not hold these accolades for long, as a tower that is set to break all records has taken our top spot.


In first place is a skyscraper that will rise higher than anything ever built before.

Although the exact height is being kept under-wraps while the building is in development, the "Jeddah Tower" will reportedly rise to a height of at least 1 kilometre – that’s over 3,200 feet.

The structure will become the tallest in the world by far when it completes in 2020, rising an incredible 172 metres higher than the Burj Khalifa.

Above: The Jeddah Tower is set to become the tallest building in the world (image courtesy of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture).

Like the Wuhan Greenland Center, this building is being designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture. When it completes Adrian Smith will have been responsible for the design of the world’s three tallest buildings, as he was also the designer of the Burj Khalifa while working at architectural practice SOM.

Although these impressive buildings are already pushing engineering to the limits, with an unprecedented demand for mega-tall skyscrapers, we may be seeing even higher buildings in the very near future.


Images courtesy of Amazingloong, Goldin Properties, PT Group, A49 Group, Merdeka PNB, Baycrest and Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture. We welcome you sharing our content to inspire others, but please be nice and play by our rules.


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