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Top 10 Millennial Cities

The B1M | 6:14

Top 10 Millennial Cities

Dan Cortese

6 June 2018

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Video hosted by Fred Mills.

WITH technology and transport infrastructure connecting the world like never before, millennials - generally people born between 1980 and 2000 - have become the most well-travelled and tech-savvy generation to date.

While previous generations generally chose to settle down and establish roots in a fixed geographic area, millennials are heading out in the pursuit of new opportunities. 

With awareness of the environment, social equality and wellbeing running particularly high amongst this demographic - certain cities are attracting more millennials than others.

Above: Millennials are one of the most well travelled generations to date.

These urban areas generally offer well-paid jobs that improve living standards. They also take a progressive and forward-thinking approach to social equality and environmental challenges while providing reliable transport systems and good levels of public safety.

Research published in 2018 by Nestpick looked at 110 cities around the world and scored them out of 10 against a number of criteria that are key for young people looking to move abroad.

Above: Nestpick used 17 categories to rank the cities on their list ( image courtesy of Nestpick). 

The criteria consisted of 17 different measures under four distinct headings:

Business Ecosystem” which included measures for employment, start-ups and tourism;

Essentials” which had measures for housing, food, transportation, health, internet connectivity, education and access to contraception;

Openness” which covered gender equality, immigration tolerance, personal choice and LGBT friendliness, and;

Recreation” which had a measure for nightlife along with a beer ranking and a festival assessment.

We've looked at the cities making the global top 10: 


Famed for its Premiere League football team, Manchester narrowly edged out Hamburg in Germany to take tenth place on the list.

With high scores for immigration tolerance, personal freedoms, LGBT equality and free access to contraception, the city’s relatively low cost of living as compared to other UK urban centres helped it crack the top 10. 

Above: Manchester's low cost of living compared to other UK centres and its tolerance to immigration helped it crack the top 10.


The German city of Cologne comes in at number nine with similar credentials to Manchester but with a particularly strong score for its nightlife.

However, Cologne did underperform in some areas with low education and employment scores bringing down its overall ranking.

Above: Cologne scored well in a number of categories but fell below average in others, like education (image courtesy of  Eckhard Henkel). 


Despite scoring a perfect 10 for business start-ups, and excelling in tourism, transport, and entertainment, the lack of affordable housing and dining options in New York City coupled with limited access to free healthcare kept the big apple at eighth place.

Above: New York City is a dream for start ups, tourists and entertainment but a lack of affordable housing options worked against it in the ranking. 


While Barcelona performed well in the tourism, nightlife and entertainment categories, it’s below average scores for internet connectivity, housing affordability and employment opportunities dropped it into seventh place.

Above: Barcelona was a hit for its nightlife and entertainment. 


In at number six we have the first of three Canadian cities to make the top 10.

Offering universal healthcare and being amongst the highest ranking cities for personal freedoms and equality, Vancouver’s only let-down was its high cost of living - where it achieved one of the lowest rankings in the top 10.

Above: Vancouver is one of three Canadian cities in the top 10 that millennials are flocking to. 


Much like Vancouver, Toronto fared well across the healthcare, equality and personal freedom categories while leading the charge as Canada’s best city for business start-ups and entertainment.

Above: Toronto was Canada's top city for employment and business start ups. 


Arguably one of the most liberal cities in the world, the Dutch capital Amsterdam achieved the highest score for personal freedoms and liberties.

Amsterdam also scored well for entertainment, nightlife, and LGBT equality but was ranked low in the housing affordability and food categories.

Above: The Dutch capital was a high scorer for personal liberties and freedoms but comes with a high cost of living ( image courtesy of Jorge Royan). 


The UK’s capital takes third place with scores of nine or above in seven of the 17 measures.

Coming in as the highest ranked education city on the list, London’s business and tourism sectors, tolerance to migrants and nightlife all helped it to score highly.

It’s cost of living however saw it ranked as the sixth most expensive city out of all 110 analysed.

Above: London was the highest ranked city for education among all 110 cities analysed. 


Just missing the top-spot is the third Canadian city on the list, Montreal.

The French speaking city of Canada’s Quebec province excelled across all categories only slipping below a score of five on one measure, for public transport.

Continuing Canada’s tolerance to immigration, access to universal healthcare and good gender equality, the city also has a thriving nightlife and entertainment scene, and is a highly-ranked city for start-ups while offering a range of affordable housing options.

Above: Montreal was Canada's third city in the global top 10 ( image courtesy of Michael Vesia ).


Topping the list with good results across the board is Germany's vibrant capital, Berlin.

With near perfect scores for business start-ups, LGBT equality, festivals and a 10 out of 10 for it’s famous nightlife, Berlin is the stand-out city attracting millennials in 2018.

Above: Berlin came out on top as the most popular cities attracting millennials ( image courtesy of Thomas Wolf).

Images courtesy of Pride In London, Neskpick, Visit Manchester, Daniel Nisbet, Thomas Wolf, Eckhard Henkel, David Iliff, Jorge Royan, James Durkin, Kyle Taylor, Arild Vagen, Michael Vesia, Harald Helmlechner and Dan Cortese.

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