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Sydney’s History Preserved as New Tower Rises

Hickory Group | 2:25

Sydney’s History Preserved as New Tower Rises

Tim Gibson

19 March 2020

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SYDNEY’S historic Tyne House, built in 1916, has been successfully preserved as construction begins on Australia’s first Ace Hotel.

The new hotel is being constructed around Tyne House, a 10-storey federation warehouse.

Architecture firm Bates Smart have retained the House’s century-old facade as well as several interior elements.

An additional nine floors have been added to allow for the now 19-storey hotel that will accommodate 264 guest rooms.

Above: An additional nine storeys were added to the historic Tyne House.

While Tyne House is not strictly heritage listed, it has been considered by many local architectural bodies as a building of historical significance - especially as its modern glass facade remains largely intact.

Above: During demolition Australia's oldest kiln was discovered.

Bates Smart have carefully incorporated these elements into the design of a thoroughly modern building. The hotel will also have conference facilities along with a rooftop bar and restaurant.

Above: Tyne House's historic facade was carefully kept intact during the demolition process.

Construction company Hickory Group liaised with heritage authorities throughout the demolition process so that existing historical elements would avoid any further deterioration.

During the demolition archeologists were brought on site upon the discovery of Australia’s oldest brick-making kiln, which dated back to 1820.

Above: The completed hotel will rise 19 storeys and have 264 rooms (image courtesy of Golden Age Group).

100 tonnes of additional structural steel were also added during this process to provide support for the new structure and to avoid clashing with the interior of the hotel.

The process proved incredibly complex as it created limited working space.

The Ace Hotel is set to open in 2021.


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