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Swiss Researchers Unveil Smart Dynamic Casting

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Swiss Researchers Unveil Smart Dynamic Casting

Peter Smisek

10 May 2018

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RESEARCHERS from ETH Zurich’s National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) Digital Fabrication have unveiled a new technique for creating non-standard, prefabricated concrete columns.

Called “Smart Dynamic Casting” (or SDC), the new process introduces a robotically controlled, adjustable mould to the standard slip-casting process.

Above and Below: The "Smart Dynamic Casting" process combines an automatically adjustable mould with slip casting ( images courtesy of NCCR Digital Fabrication/

Using this method, researchers were able to shape concrete to very small and accurate dimensions, while the dynamically adjustable slip-mould can be reused to create different shaped columns each time.

Above and Below: The new process can be used to manufacture high-quality concrete columns and mullions with a high degree of precision ( images courtesy of NCCR Digital Fabrication/

During this particular trial, it took around four hours to cast each of the 3 metre (9.8 feet) long elements, each of which has a minimal cross section of 70 x 100 millimetres (2.76 x 3.94 inches).

“Smart Dynamic Casting” is being used to create 15 bespoke, load-bearing mullions which will be incorporated into the NCCR’s DFAB House; an experimental building whose constituent parts are all being created with new digital technologies, such as spatial timber assembly.

Above: Spatial timber assembly is one of the techniques being developed by NCCR Digital Fabrication (image courtesy of ETH Zurich/More B1M).


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