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Solibri Model Checker Explained: Alan Baikie

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So you have a BIM model containing lots of data, but how do you know if that data is correct? Solibri’s Model Checker tool can help. Join Director Alan Baikie as he explains all about Model Checker at BIMnet.

“As a matter of principle, I believe you should always check data when it goes out – even if just within your own organisation – and you should always check data when it comes in” explains Alan. “The process of validation merely proves that data exists. ‘Checking’ means that it’s the right data”.

Solibri’s Model Checker tool does exactly what it says on the tin and allows its users to check the integrity of their individually authored and federated data sets at both project delivery and asset management stage. Alan explained: “With Model Checker there are lots of things you can look at from a human perspective to make sure that the data you are about to transfer [issue] is correct”.

Over a 15 minute presentation at BIMnet, held at Bespoke Careers’ offices in London, he takes us through the key features of Model Checker’s functionality. You can watch his overview in one-go or navigate to specific features using these minute markers:

Checking Model Integrity

6.55 Components Overlapping
7.08 Space Modelling
7.41 Architectural vs. Structural
8.17 Architectural vs. MEP
8.44 Architectural vs. MEP
8.56 COBie Data Drop Visualisations
9.52 Unallocated Areas
10.24 Visualisation – Included Assets
10.57 Visualisation – Excluded Assets
11.15 Visualisation – Systems

Checking Model Compliance

11.45 Accessibility
12.47 Egress and Occupancy
13.12 Missing Components

A key area for publically procured projects is the ability to check the data extracted into COBie (Construction Operations Building Information Exchange) spread-sheets prior to issue. “COBie is very easy to produce from a BIM model” says Alan, “the really hard part is making sure that the data going in there is right”.

He concludes with a simple but powerful message: “Model Checker allows you to fix problems in a virtual environment before you go to site – use a mouse, not a jack hammer”.

Alan also answers questions from the BIMnet audience from the 14.30 mark.

BIMnet is a UK-based networking event run by Plowman Craven, AECOM, Levitt Bernstein and Bespoke Careers. Follow them on Twitter @BIMnetwork and join in with the discussion via #BIMnet. Events are free and open to all; you can register for future sessions here:

For more on Solibri and their Model Checker tool visit:

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