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Smart Cities + Big Data: PIE Mapping | D-Construct: Episode 2

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How can big data tackle congestion in our cities and help make them truly ‘smart’? How can we apply that data to support logistics planning and drive efficiency during construction? Find out in Episode 2 of D-Construct, our monthly technology review show with Basestone!

Each month Tom Payne (Co-Founder, The B1M), Alex Siljanovski (CEO of Basestone) and Simon McCabe (CTO at Basestone) look at construction’s hottest new tech and the impact its having on the industry. This month’s theme is smart cities and how big data can underpin the way they operate. The team are joined by Freddie Talberg, CEO of digital routing business PIE Mapping, who talks about their innovative approach to co-ordinating construction deliveries in major cities.

“Cities only exist because of the people in them” explains Alex. “Creating smart cities isn’t about ramming technology into absolutely everything. It’s about understanding how a city functions so that we can improve it and create a more liveable environment”

"Creating smart cities isn’t about ramming technology into everything. It’s about understanding how a city functions so that we can create a more liveable environment”

Effectively planning and operating a city that is ‘smart’ requires the availability of large amounts of data on how people move, function and behave within it. This aggregate view (a form of ‘big data’) enables processing and predictive analysis to be conducted so that improvements can be made. In this example we’re looking at how mapping and traffic data can be processed to support urban planning and construction logistics.

“We focus all of the data that we get from public authorities and road authorities into solutions to drive efficiency for the road user” explains Freddie, whose projects have included the London 2012 Olympic Games and Transport for London’s Freight Journey Planner.


For construction sites, PIE Mapping’s solution uses a hybrid of cab-based technology and mobile phone data to understand exactly where vehicles are on their delivery day. That enables Freddie and his team to predict when those vehicles will arrive so that they can sequenced accordingly, avoiding congestion around site entrances or the need for holding areas. “It gives Logistics Managers complete visibility of their incoming deliveries so that they can plan accordingly. Something they didn’t have before” explains Freddie.


Such an approach can also limit congestion in cities at peak times and help drivers to avoid routes that require dangerous turns or manoeuvres putting pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers at risk.

Beyond construction, routing technology has the potential to support ‘shared mobility’ in the future so that people can identify common routes and travel to destinations together, reducing congestion.

"There’s a big move towards autonomous and connected vehicles, especially in large cities” 

“There’s a big move towards autonomous and connected vehicles too, especially in large cities” adds Freddie. “It will be interesting to see if these become a part of the construction supply chain in the future”

You can find out more at

If you missed us testing out Converge sensor nodes with a blender in Episode 1, catch-up here.

Episode 2 was filmed at Digital Construction Week 2015 in London, UK. 

D-Construct is produced by The B1M in association with Basestone. The production team are: Alex Siljanovski, Simon McCabe, Laura Davies, Priya Joshi, Tom Payne and Fred Mills.

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