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What is The B1M? (Periscope Livestream From #ConstructDisrupt)

The B1M | @TheB1M



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Co-Founder of The B1M Fred Mills presents at Basestone’s #ConstructDisrupt event in our maiden Periscope broadcast.

Hosted by Basestone at London-based tech incubator Wayra, this year’s Construct Disrupt event championed disruptive technologies in the construction industry and generated a cross-disciplinary conversation about the future of the built environment.

Speakers from 8 of the industry’s hottest tech start-ups were joined by Atkins Global’s Dr Anne Kemp and Basetone’s CEO Alex Siljanovski.

In this 8 minute clip, Fred outlines the work of The B1M in sharing open source knowledge and expertise on the information economy for the wider good.

Periscope is a smart phone application enabling live broadcast so you will notice a distinct difference in quality to our other videos – but that rawness is part of the experience! Accurate sub-titling is available on this video file by selecting the icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

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The full transcript of this video is as follows:

"We face a knowledge challenge in the construction industry at the minute. This is Copacabana Beach in Brazil where 2M people turned out to see the Pope. This is how many people we have in the UK construction industry. There are 750M people engaged in the global construction industry around the world.

Now we’ve heard some great stuff tonight, we’ve heard some great stuff about BIM, about smart cities, about the Internet of Things, about big data, all that great stuff - the trouble is nobody really knows about it. If that beach was our industry and you were to go along it trying to find people that really know what they’re doing with BIM, that really know about this Internet of Things stuff, that are really getting 25% efficiency savings you would find that they are few and far between. We are miles away from this stuff properly pervading our industry culture.

"We are miles away from this stuff properly pervading our industry culture"

And it’s important because if we as an industry can get this right, if we can deliver built assets that are properly plugged in to the Internet of Things so that we can aggregate and understand how our built environment is performing, we can deliver a better built environment for our Customers, we can help them to see better results in terms of business outcomes from the built assets that they live and operate their businesses in and we can help mankind take a more responsible approach to building on planet Earth.

The trouble is so far we’ve got a load of PDFs – a load of very good PDFs in fairness – and we’ve stuck them on a website, expecting people to navigate to that website, download them and read them in their spare time, at their own leisure to try and find out what BIM is. We’ve then let our adversarial, backwards, stuck-in-the-past culture takeover and let people hoard information in silos for their own competitive gain.

Well the rules of the game have changed.

Today’s leading organisations compete in the information economy and they’re praised for the contributions they make to it and the thought leadership they give.

That’s exactly what we’re doing with The B1M. We are a free, open-source video resource for BIM, built of a strong YouTube channel, a beautiful website, a number of partnerships around the world and most importantly an absolutely fanatical following across our social media platforms. We share BIM videos every Wednesday at 12 noon GMT for free. That’s 7am on the American Eastern seaboard where we have a lot of followers or 9pm on the Australian Eastern seaboard where we have an equal number of very enthusiastic followers.

"The rules of the game have changed"

We share knowledge and expertise freely on the information economy for the wider good.

If that sounds a bit simple to you, a bit straightforward in the context of some of the other amazing stuff we’re hearing this evening, your bloody right it is, why on earth would we want to complicate the process of educating people in the construction industry?

Bit of context for you, if you’re sitting there thinking that think YouTube is something that the kids play with, that’s all for cat videos or silly viral stuff: 4 billion views every single day. Now of course, some people watch a video more than once, but bear in mind that figure when you remember that there are 7 billion people on planet Earth. 300 hours of footage uploaded every minute or 125 days worth of footage uploaded in the time that I have been talking to you – or the time that I will have been talking to you at the end of this presentation. It’s the second largest search engine in the world after Google who own it, they’re also the second largest social network after Facebook who they compete with.

We’re doing very well in terms of The B1M so far, we have 10K social media followers (June 2015), we’ve won industry awards and we have viewers in 144 countries across six continents. The layout of where they are is funnily enough exactly aligned to that social graph that I showed you earlier on.

We’ve got a really good cross-section of the industry within that. We’ve got contractors, architects, consultants making up the three segments on the far side. The rest of it is software developers, the geospatial industry, universities. We have a really good mix, a really good variety of content and we have bloody good fun making it – I sometimes say I have the best job in the world because our shoots are great fun, trying to make a professional video at the end is sometimes a bit of a challenge.

The impact we’ve had so far has been organic, it’s been with very little personal time and very little funding. We haven’t had any investment, we haven't had any seed funding or investment rounds, but it proves that when human beings have an absolute compelling belief in something (and we’ll come back to that later) they can achieve anything. It is never lack of resources but lack of resourcefulness. Sorry to be controversial but in my opinion that’s what separates successful people from unsuccessful people on this planet. I’m not saying that I’m an overly successful person, I’m just saying that there is a difference in mind-set.

We recently secured equity support from a UK leading contractor and a digital media agency, outside of our industry to help move us into a global business. Our business model is very much a big data one where we build the worth and value of our company around the knowledge and information that we share and we sustain ourselves by offering product placement to brands; discrete product placement within our videos to reach our targeted and highly engaged audience.

That’s what’s important on YouTube, not view count, it’s about audience retention, how engaged people are in your videos, how long they’re watching them for. You have 5 minutes normally that people will watch a video for, you have 8 seconds to engage people at the beginning. The only thing secondary to that is consistency, which is why we bring things out every Wednesday at 12 noon GMT (or whatever time it happens to be around the world).

We have industry leading vloggers.
We have case studies on some of the highest profile buildings out there.
We have animations.
We’ve got PAS 1192-2 brought to life.
We’ve got David Miller Architects sharing ROI data on BIM and how they’ve grown their practice and doubled their profits.
We’ve got tours around manufacturing plants where BIM has improved efficiency.
We’ve got David Philp in HD.

But I want more than that! I want to reach every single person in our industry, I want to inspire them. I want our documentaries to take us around the world to showcase the very best that BIM has to offer, the very best that mankind can offer in the built environment. I want to dispel every myth out there. I want Steven Spielberg begging to work with us, I want Meryl Streep doing our how-to videos in 7 different accents.

I want, most of all – this is no joke – I want in my lifetime to see the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature go to a short film about the built environment. If you’re smirking, if you think that’s funny, if you think that’s a bit far-fetched it’s because you’re trying to process that idea in the context of the current industry that exists around us.

We all have this model of the world in our heads, it governs how we live our lives, it governs how we live our lives every day, it governs how we live our lives in the construction industry every day.

Well we need to open minds. And we need to change minds. If people are compelled to do something they can do anything. And that is more powerful than any taught syllabus or any downloaded PDF.

What I am talking about is very simple. It’s our mantra at The B1M and it’s my mantra for life: Share + Inspire.

We don’t educate people by boring them. We educate people by inspiring them! We can’t tell people with mandates, we need to compel people with demonstrate benefits. If you’re sitting there thinking that YouTube is a waste of time that it’s for cat videos or you think that this information economy thing that you’ve heard all evening is a load of rubbish, if you think social media isn’t for you – wake up.

"We don’t educate people by boring them. We educate people by inspiring them!"

This is our industry. And as the sub-title of this event says tonight the future of our industry is now. The future of construction is now.

I’ll use the example of the General Election as that’s a recent event that I hope most people in the audience can relate to: we are fighting an election campaign for our industry and you need to vote. You need to vote for change, vote for digitisation, vote for collaborative working, vote for the information economy, vote for open source, vote for sharing. Vote by sharing what you know, vote by sharing one of our videos with a beginner or a sceptic, vote with your smart phone, vote with social media, vote by talking to people.

Do not sit there and let this moment pass us by and then complain in a few years’ time about how the industry has changed and what it has become.

Stand up, be counted, get involved, join in, Share... + Inspire".


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