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How Parenting Embraced Video: Siobhan Freegard OBE at Google

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Siobhan Freegard OBE, Founder of Netmums and Channel Mum, explains how the parenting advice industry is shifting to online video at The B1M and YouTube’s Constructing Content.

Hosted at Google’s London headquarters in January 2016, #ConstructContent looked at how video can engage and inspire construction industry audiences to promote change. Siobhan delivered one of the keynote speeches highlighting her work at Channel Mum and the synergies with educational content for construction.

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Above: Siobhan Freegard OBE presenting at Constructing Content.

Following the success of Netmums, one of the UK’s largest websites for parents, Siobhan considered where the industry was heading: “My kids were really into YouTube. Then I was with a young mum and we were talking about what to feed the kids for tea. I went to Google a recipe and she went to YouTube. I asked her why and she replied ‘because I don’t want to read all those words’. It was one of the moments where the world stops. It just made absolute sense”.

“Video is so much more intuitive and natural. Why would anybody read when they can watch?”

Siobhan founded Channel Mum in early 2015; a YouTube community for parents to see the ‘honest face of parenting’ with frank and genuine advice from other mums and dads. “Video is so much more intuitive and natural” she explains. “Why would anybody read when they can watch?”

Above: Siobhan demonstrated the shift to online video in the parenting industry.

The down-to-earth content has proved a hit with new and experienced parents looking for insight into what having a baby and raising a child is actually like, or for real-life stories that you don’t get in the text books. “Mums say to me ‘When I watch these other mums’ blogs it’s like sitting down with a friend and having a cup of tea’”

Above: Siobhan Freegard OBE (L) with The B1M’s Co-Founders Fred Mills (C) and Tom Payne (R) at Google’s London headquarters. Image courtesy of Casey Rutland.

Siobhan ends with an example from Price Waterhouse Coopers who re-packaged their latest annual report into a series of engaging videos, helping them reach-out to employees and shareholders alike. She adds: “If the accounting guys can do that… builders can too”

“If the accounting guys can do that… builders can too”

Don’t forget to watch the other keynote speeches from Constructing Content, including The Power of Video by Tom Payne and What Video Means For Construction by Fred Mills.

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