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Evolving The B1M Logo

The B1M | 3:07

Evolving The B1M Logo

Fred Mills

18 June 2018

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As you have probably guessed from the title, we have some exciting news about our logo.

The original B1M logo has been with us since I first wrote those three letters out on a scrap of paper in my spare room – no company, no following, no momentum.

And a lot has changed since then.

We are now the largest and most subscribed-to video channel for construction worldwide. We have millions of people watching, commenting and engaging with our content every day, we were tapped by YouTube themselves as a Creator on the Rise, we are working with leading brands and have built a business with a fantastically strong team of people – all with the goal of bringing you excellent content.

It’s fair to say that our brand has evolved ahead of our logo and that its time for an update.

Above: "53W53: Manhattan's Modern Masterpiece" is one of The B1M's most popular documentaries. Below: Fred Mills announcing that the platform had reached 1 million viewers per month at the end of 2017. There are now 1.6 million people tuning-in monthly.

We are also embarking on the next step of our vision and we wanted a logo that would help, rather than hinder us on that journey. It has taken years of hard work and determination to become construction’s largest video channel but now we want to take things to the next level.

There’s a massive perception issue with construction. Most people don’t really understand this great sector because it’s not very good at shouting about itself. Many excellent young people don’t consider jobs here because they don’t know about the cutting-edge technology we use, the vast range of careers on offer, or the fact that our industry touches and impacts almost every person on earth.

Above: "The Construction Robots are Coming" is one of The B1M's most popular technology videos.

We want to inspire a better industry by sharing knowledge, trends and expertise with a mass audience. We want to attract the best young talent by showing construction at its best to millions. We want to fundamentally alter the perception of construction amongst the global human population.

We need to be a global brand to achieve that, and our original logo wasn’t really projecting that feel.

We wanted something stronger and easier to read than our current logo, a simple, modern word-mark style, that felt like an evolution rather than a revolution and that kept our original blue colouring.

So here it is:

Above: The inverted colour version of The B1M's new logo. Below: The square format blue-on-light version. 

Our new logo better reflects the fresh, exciting and informative nature of our brand, it’s more modern, keeps the blue colouring but introduces a slight colour gradient, is easier to read and matches the font across our website and other documents. It also makes us feel more like the brand that is delivering that vision I set out above.

Clearly, changing is tough. There will people that love this, others that hate it and just about everyone will have an opinion. We really want your feedback so please let us know what you think in the comments below!

What we really want though, is you. We have always put what we do and the content we produce front and centre – the name above the door and what the logo looks like doesn’t really matter to us. What matters is the millions of you who watch, share, comment and support our content week in, week out. We love our viewers and know that we would be nothing without you.

So click play on that next B1M video and come with us on this journey through the most important and exciting industry on earth, a journey that we have only just begun.

We love construction. And it’s time the whole world loved it too.

You can learn more about The B1M's mission here


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