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Designing a Micro Apartment in Melbourne

Never Too Small | 3:06

Designing a Micro Apartment in Melbourne

Peter Smisek

14 September 2018

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THE micro apartment trend shows no sign of slowing down.

While new units are being built across most of the world's major cities, older buildings can also be adapted and renovated to make the most of limited space. 

In Melbourne, architect Jack Chen - speaking to YouTube channel NEVER TOO SMALL in this video - has altered his 1970s one bedroom apartment measuring 35 square metres (377 square feet), in order to create a more practical space.

Above: Mirrors are used to create a brighter space that appears larger (image courtesy of Never Too Small).

As is typical for micro apartments, the dwelling features folding furniture including a desk, dining counter and a number of adjustable and folding chairs.

Mirrors throughout the apartment increase the sense of space and light within the residence.

Above and Below: Dining space is created using a sliding wall with folding table and stools (image courtesy of Never Too Small).

While the kitchen is located in the centre of the apartment, it still receives plenty of light through the bathroom, which is designed with a glass wall that incorporates a privacy film that can be activated remotely, turning the glass translucent.

Above and Below: A glass wall between the kitchen and bathroom lets in light, but also has a translucent setting to ensure privacy ( image courtesy of Never Too Small).

Because the apartment has no outside space, the architect has included a live moss wall in the bathroom to create a more relaxing environment.

Above: A moss wall in the bathroom creates a relaxing environment (image courtesy of Never Too Small).

To learn more about micro apartments, you can watch our video on the topic (below) or see more from our coverage of micro apartments here.



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