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BIM Is Like Going On Holiday: Terry Stocks

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PACK your bags for this trip! Terry Stocks explains why building information modelling (BIM) is like going on holiday in this excellent six minute video, filmed at the London + South East BIM Region in autumn 2015.

Is this video titled properly? How on earth is BIM like going on holiday?

“Well it’s all about data” explains Terry. “It’s about finding and validating solutions to the outcome criteria that we set. Do I want to go somewhere hot or somewhere cold? Do I want a beach holiday, a mountain holiday or a city break? – All these things are the basis of a client requirements document.

“Using a series of data sets, I can now look for places that suit my criteria. I can check the weather, types of accommodation and feedback from others. I can even post my experience so others can inform their design making in the future.

“I can do all of this because the travel industry has classified the data so it’s easy for me to access” he explains. “They’ve got their act together because the market has demanded it. It’s enabled us to be better informed and make better decisions whilst driving cost down and quality up”.


“The travel industry has classified data so it’s easy to access. They got their act together because the market demanded it”

“Why would we not take a similar approach when specifying our assets?” he asks. “After all, there’s a lot more at risk”

Terry points-out that various reports have been trying to improve the construction industry since circa 1944 and that whilst all were intelligent and sensible, they have ultimately lacked the necessary traction. The “BIM revolution” as he puts it, now has the ability to create a step change and achieve the Construction 2025 targets.

Image: UK Industrial Strategy: Construction 2025 targets, courtesy of 

However, Terry believes this will only happen if clients understand the potential of BIM, if they consistently request it during procurement and do so in a way that enables the market to respond on the basis of their BIM experience. “If we can master that process, working on a construction project in a BIM environment will be like going on holiday”.


“Why would we not do the same when specifying our assets? There’s a lot more at risk”

Terry Stocks is Director and UK Head of Public Sector and Education at Faithful + Gould.

Filmed at University of Westminster. Find out more about the UK’s London + South East BIM Region and register for future events here.

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